Wheatgrass Juicing vs. Wheatgrass Juice Powder Pros & Cons



  • keri caye

    forgive me for being so bold…yes I watch all of Dr. Berg's videos……and I buy/will buy his wheat grass juice powder and his chocolat kale powder for a smoothie..and his cruciferious food concentrate…………but……..I watch his video's because he's educational AND CUTE.

  • That Guy

    This is pretty dishonest, saying there are no cons to using the powder is not true, fresh is always WAY better. I understand its convenient and if you're taking either nothing or the powder yeah take it. Also most people that take it use an electric machine like I do it take less than 2 minutes and less than 1 to clean. The powder is not nearly as absorbable, a lot of enzymes do not survive the drying process and a lot of nutrients are lost. This really just seems like your only saying this to sell your product, I respect most of your work but this is really dishonest…

  • Abid Rahim

    You could've just used a juicer/mixer and strained the fiber.. That simple

  • Lavinia Dragoi

    Hi Dr Berg,
    I have a question regarding Wheatgrass Juice Powder, is it considered a meal ? When is best to consume it?
    Thank you.

  • Ivy Unieski

    Love Dr. Berg! Love your powder juice too?❤️

  • Priscila Oliveira

    LOL you crack me up!

  • yehmiyah

    🙂 very good 🙂

  • almielke

    I grow my wheatgrass in 10 x10 trays.  I use 8oz. of seed per tray.  It takes me 12 min. to juice and clean up. It takes 4 min. to water in the mourning. It take 8 min. at night to plant and water at night.  I soak the 8oz. of seed for 8 or so hours. That I drain it and wash it twice a day for 3 days.  At that time I spread it out on the 10 by 10 tray that has 1/2 inch of  potting mix.  All trays get watered twice a day. After 7 to 10 days it is cut and juiced.  Out of 8oz. of seed I get 6 to 8oz. of juice.  So it take  4 min. to water 8min. to water and plant. 12 min. to juice, drink and clean up.  I do not drink it right down.  I leave it in my mouth for a min. or so it can mix with saliva.   So it takes 24 min. a day to do wheatgrass.  So if you pay 1 dollar a pound for Organic Read Wheat seed.   It costs you about 50 cents for 6 to 8 oz. of fresh Wheatgrass juice  I use a Solo Star electric juicer

  • Foxxi B

    lmao! Love this video.
    Thanks for the information

  • Ann Mill

    hi my name is Ana I have my niece she's 19 years old her ferritin levels are low which is causing your hair loss what do you recommend what the wheatgrass juice be helpful I need your help please send me back a message or maybe we could talk on the phone you seem very smart and I need your assistance

  • cjkatbruno

    Don't give me that dried juice crap either it doesn't matter yea that might bump it up to 3% but it still sucks compared to fresh juice. Go compare that crap to something else homie your outa your league and do some analysis next time so we can see results don't wana hear your B.S. Or is that to hard!

  • cjkatbruno

    I lied as well even when your done with 50 days with the powder you are still at 2% don't get excited. You will never be at 100 % health benefit from these B.S. powders lol its not possible..

  • cjkatbruno

    Hey dummy that's the worst wheatgrass juicer on the market. And if u think powder form , freeze dried or any supplement compares to fresh juice your a MORON. (like most doctors) they did a study on wheat grass juice vs freeze dried / powder or whatever and the powder is 2% as effective as the fresh juice… 2 %  damn near 0 % so if u want a lazy fast way to get 2 % of the benefits go ahead and use these worthless powders..LOLOLOLOL  Lets add up 2% to 100% so in 50 days u will have 100% of what 1 time with the fresh juice gives you.. THERE IS NO COMPARISON

  • isha singh

    it was funny videos lol

  • Sarah

    Six years ago my dog developed four breast tumors, and they shrink whenever I give her fresh wheatgrass juice, within just a couple of weeks. When I switched over to a high quality organic powdered wheat grass, the tumor started growing bigger. Then they shrank again when I put her back on fresh wheatgrass juice. With daily wheatgrass juice the tumors stay very small and her energy levels stay a lot higher, and any time I can't get fresh wheatgrass for her they grow back again. I'm sure the powder is still great for you, but something important is lost I think.

  • Teresa soria

    is wheatgrass better than spirulina

  • Antler Farms

    Fresh wheat grass is NOT necessarily better than wheat grass powder. Fresh wheat grass juice that comes from tray grown wheat grass (virtually the only wheat grass juice available in shops) is nutritionally deficient because it is grown with little or no soil and cut after 7-10 days. Outdoor wheat grass is grown naturally over 200 days, which means the plant absorbs nutrients and develops its peak nutrition over time. In particular, look for cold processed, outdoor grown wheat grass, grown organically in fertile soils. Our wheat grass is raw. It is never put through heating which means the nutrients and enzymes are intact. That's why the cholorophyll content in one serving of our wheat grass powder is FOUR times more than one shot of wheat grass juice.

  • Kay Miley

    Everytime I grow it , it molds and those bugs get into my seeds and eat them. What a hassle!

  • Nlly Cmchraw

    You don't have the right equipment, need a good juicer like the omega brand!

  • Kiri Kiske

    dont want to know how much wheatgrass this guy eats daily lol

  • t42 Press

    allright…..i knew he had a secret life hiding underneath the surface there somewhere…and now it's escaped into Comedy! Point made Dr. Berg! Bravo

  • Mitch Barker

    Why is it a pro that there isn't any fiber in the juice?

  • nadia smith

    Hello Dr.Berg. I usually weight train 4 days per week for about 1hr. What supplements in addition to the wheat grass juice powder will support joint/bone health. Or will this product be sufficient?

  • Domonic Majewski

    Will be the next product I buy from you!

  • letshaveabreak

    What are the main differences between juice powders and powders with respect to health benefits? Thanks for your reply!

  • Maryanne Denson

    doctor I went to your website and still don't see where are you indicate how many servings this product makes her package. can you please provide this information?

  • Sasaf Kurdi

    Dr. Berg, how can I order your products in Saudi Arabia?

  • Sasaf Kurdi

    Thank you very much dear Dr. Berg for all your wonderful information. You look amazingly cute with your new beard and moustach look!

  • Greg Vogel

    Great videos Dr Berg! Love your channel

  • RebelRadius

    Wheat grass? Surely, ruminants eat grass because they have the digestive system in order to process it. Humans are not combustion engines.

  • izna khan

    hello doctor do I have to chew flex seeds to receive it's benefits? our only swallow without chewing is enough? please reply

  • Cynthia Oliver

    Sorry I couldn't resist! You look a lot younger without your beard! Sorry….

  • Mat Was

    something is wrong with your channel as i havent recieved your videos in my subscribtion page and i have been subscribed for a while

  • Donald Rumsfeld

    Good good info! I really appreciate that! Keep it up….

  • leftyla

    That was an Oscar-worthy performance. It's better than Cats!

  • TangeOrheen

    I like Dr. Berg. Fabulous info on this channel. But Dr. Berg just slammed his juice! Always drink ssssslllllowwwwly, and swish juice around in mouth for a minute or two. A key rule: it should take longer to drink your juice than to manually make said juice. G'day : )

  • Dr. Avinash Dixit

    Could only the wheat grass juice powder be used as a source of Potassium and green energy, leaving a juice glass of fresh veg leaves ?

  • Betzabe Thayer

    was funny

  • Srinivas Das

    Dr. Berg, you look really great w/ your beard!!

    You should do your videos with your beard on, going forward.

    Love your videos, watch them regularly.

  • boho chic

    dr.berg, i have a question:
    i started using wheatgrasspowder and got hay fever, end of januari. normally i also have hay fever, but from trees and grass outside blooming. is it possible the wheat grass caused this hay fever?
    stopped using it after two days and the hay fever also stopped. (hay fever: sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose)

  • Jennifer Marie

    I just realized that your videos haven't been showing up in my subscription feed! I guess I have some catching up to do 😉

  • warriorprince101010

    Juicing is bad as it removes the Fibre. No fibre and no absorption into the intestines, simple. The powder is also bad.

    Both are bad. Simply eat the Wheatgrass with a nice salad meal.

  • noor natasya

    Suddenly i found out that you are a comedian! Lol! Great video

  • technico69

    Hello Doc! have to say you looked winded there. the look on your face was priceless! but yes easier to get your concentrated powder! thanks

  • Aura Gael

    I see many products labeled as wheatgrass powder. So I'm guessing that the grass isn't juiced before making the grass into a powder. Is that the case to your knowledge? And why and how is the juice powder better than the non-juiced powder?

  • Taimure Bashir

    Am I supposed to use a hand crank juicer for wheat grass? Why are you not using a juicer with a motor?

  • DStray Cat

    Sweet vid 🙂 I use Wheat grass a lot 🙂

  • blndvegandoll4life

    Excellent video.. Thank you!!!

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