• Atef El-Sayary

    Hi John
    Thanks for your wonderful videos , is any of these machines have double voltage , I mean both 110 and 220 volts
    To be used out of the states .
    Thank you

  • Nette Gain

    Hi John, My Slowstar had to be shipped back for repair 2x! I can't afford another juicer so I'm forced to go without juice for weeks. I do not juice unusual things, just greens and hard veggies like carrots and celery. I'm very frustrated because I know it's a matter of time before I'll send it back again. What would you recommend?

  • Evelet Planate

    Very very helpful, thank you.

  • shernandez82

    could you do a video on the juicer kristina does from fullyrawkristina. you said in her video she uses the omega vert 350 hd hurom juicer, but I can't find that exact one online. can you point me towards it or do a video on it? thanks.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    I have all the three :). Thanks John K for the wonderful video

  • Peggy Wing

    What do you think of the champion juicers?

  • Zlata Z

    Hi John, Why you didn't include Omega VRT400HDS Juicer? Would it be comparable to Slowstar Juicer? Which of the two is superior? Thank you.

  • Viking Curran

    do you eaven juice? bro

  • GetYourGreensOn

    I own the Green Star and I'm loving it ?

  • Audrey DeMerse

    The GSE rocks!!

  • Abluemorphobutterfly

    wish you could do a video on some juice recipes. I've tried a few from online and they came out overbearingly bitter and not palatable.
    That way we get to see exactly how you use the different juicers, how much juice veggies/fruit yield. (if we only need a cup to go , we will know a estimate of how little produce to use).

  • qwe098qwe098qwe098

    Does anyone know what percentage of calories are removed from a produce item after it has been juiced?  Eg a cup of kale is 33 calories.  After juicing, how many calories would the juiced liquid contain?  Also, it would be interesting to understand how much protein is removed and subsequently left behind inside the discarded pulp.

  • Vlad Topol

    This guy does very nice job. Thanks for the best explanation.

  • jeronimo silva

    This guy knows what he's talking about..

  • Sabatheus

    John, the level of honesty and integrity you display in these videos is the reason I bought my Vitamix and Omega 8004 from you. Thank you for giving the straight, honest, no-bs skinny on the products you offer. 

  • omuleanu

    what about the Breville, its a very good juicer, I made today 1L of juice in about 10 seconds with it (carrots, apple), no pulp at all

  • Rachel Harned

    So, what are you saying???? Is a faster surface speed better or worse? Does a faster or slower surface speed cause heat?

  • ramitube21

    Excellent explanation. Thanks!

  • pawel malachowski

    Omega is the easiest to clean and no need to cut a lot vegetables and fruits

  • pawel malachowski

    Omega is the best I'm talking from experience


    Dear John, thanks for all your work ! I ve just bought the Tribest Slowstar but own a Green Star since 1 year. I must say I am a bit disappointed. I ve tested the machine and on 1 glass I had 10% more waste with Slowstar, which if you juice like me few times a day makes few kilos a week (was cucumber and salads). Also, I some how find the cleaning on green star easier. Now I do not know what to do 🙂 ! Could you tell me what made you go for the Slowstar instead the Green star ? Thanks !

  • ig0tw0rmz

    which would you recommend: slowstar or omega vrt?

  • ig0tw0rmz

    your videos are very informative! Thank you very much. After watching all these videos, I still cant decide which one to buy >.<

  • meezoo2

    hey john , i want to buy a juicer but i am confused between TRIBEST SLOWSTAR & HUROM PREMIUM HH-WBB07 , because HUROM has pulp control lever & juice cap , but TRIBEST SLOWSATR does not have , which one better and is there anything that HUROM can do but TRIBEST SLOWSTAR can not do ? i am ready to buy , i am waiting for yor you choice which one is the best ? thanks

  • Tiffany Duncan

    Just wanted to say thanks for the videos. They have really helped me out and I love your energy!

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    I live without a blender and a juicer all the time. When Im traveling, I just eat whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, and use the WORLDS BEST JUICER, my teeth. I encourage everyone to chew their food to make a mush for optimal digestion. Many days I may also eat fruits and vegetables without juicing or blending them. That being said, for most people, using a juicer and/or blender would be a great tool to allow them to eat MORE fruits and vegetables, as most people do not eat enough.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    I would recommend one of the three juicers in this video. Each one has their own list of pros and cons as I mention in the video.

  • MLee04

    Is there a particular juicer you would recommend to join a Vitamix Blender? I plan on a blending/juicing combination to transition to a raw food lifestyle. I am leaning towards a vertical juicer. I haven't purchased the blender yet and have a six month old baby so time is a factor. The blender will help with making baby foods. I want to make things like almond milk and nut butters. I want my baby to have a very natural start in getting him solids. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • jannali51

    If you did not have access to a blender or juicer, how different would your day be? With respect to how much time you would spend on eating/prepping fruit/veg. Would this be practical?

  • silat13

    I will wait patiently 🙂

  • Carmen Jefferson

    As always, thanks John for the wealth of "juicy" information lol…I love it! I just purchased my omega vrt 330 two days ago and also begun my 30 days juice fast the same day…yay! By the way, your skin looks awesome John! You're always glowing!

  • Saras Gabbery

    Thanks for the option.

  • Chris Alexander

    I made it through the whole thing…. whew. my fav part was the SLOWstar was bid the fastest for the busy folks….hhahaha love the omegas

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    I dont have anything like that at present time. Please see
    for as close as I get

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    I havent use it enough to know for sure at this point.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    not at this point. I will do one when I get a chance.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    they do not have one planned. For extracting oils at this time, I recommend the piteba press.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    usually 1/2 is eaten as a salad, the other 1/2 is juiced or blended. Of course, each day is a bit different.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    I will when I can.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    I will be testing the newest models from kuvings and hurom soon. Overall at this point, I prefer the Omga VRT and slowstar over the other two.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    Each one has its pros and cons. Please take a look at the comparisons I have done with those two models. I will be doing more in the future.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    Coming soon. Stay tuned.

  • DiscountJuicers.com

    I recommend being more diligent when cleaning to get every last bit of pulp instead of using chemicals.

  • Oli S

    Hey John, I clean juicer right after but anyway I found sticked pulp on some glas, can u sugest some chemical to get rid of it without scratch plastic glas , thanks

  • Clint Allred

    I own the Omega VRT and about every year or so my screen breaks anyway, even with the harder screen. I use it every day, sometimes more than once. Right now it seems like it is ready to break again but hasn't. But in the meantime, even though I cut the produce up into small pieces and feed it in slowly, including rotating carrots in to push it through, the pulp still doesn't come out very well and the machine gets backed up frequently. My concern on the SlowStar is it has a similar screen.

  • GLFH

    Now they will listen . . . and add a seed oil adapter on the NC800 . . . one month AFTER I bought the 8600 . . . LOL . . . better late than never. BIG HUG!!!

  • maydanlex

    I like both the VRT 400 and the Slowstar…I want to juice leafy greens, some celery, cucumbers maybe a carrot or two and a bit of fruit. Is there one that you recommend over the other?

  • viticasweet1

    What about the Hurom HH Premium Slow Juicer? Would love to see a review…Thank you!

  • bonsaiman101

    hey john, in your opinion out of the kuvings and the hurom what is better?

  • RawDynamic

    Thank you for taking the time to really explain these juicers in an easy and simple way to understand. I have learned so much just from your videos alone! =) <3

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