• Michelle Griffin

    This juice is AMAZING! A friend of mine and I tried it and we are still on it and getting results! Within 24 hours I had no edema and I lost 4 (much needed) pounds! My post nasal drip and gagging cough stopped within 2 days!! I have been coughing for over 2 years and the doctors keeps telling me it was allergies and I just didn't agree because it was getting worse. My friend also had sinus issues, joint pain and a cough and we both spit up phlegm every day like we were smokers and neither of us smokes. This juice has completely stopped my cough in 1 and a half weeks!! I sleep at night…I have energy and no more phlegm. My throat was also sore before I started this juice so I rubbed 1/2 tsp of castor oil with 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil onto my throat, over my liver and my kidneys and my chronic sore throat was gone in 2 days. I'm still making other adjustments and I don't eat meat….now I'm removing the dairy and sugar….DO THIS JUICE!!! I don't put garlic in mine or pepper and it STILL had amazing results. God bless! <3


    Wow! Awesome video and knowing that u love God is inspiring! Do u have a list of what u juiced? Thanks

  • Wendy Behnke

    I also cured myself from cancer through juicing. It truly is possible!

  • Martisa Roane

    Adding a couple tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil will help the body absorb a lot more of the turmeric root. the Turmeric, black pepper, and ginger are the main ingredients that rid your body of cancer!

  • clinique joseph

    Lovely combo. I love fact she commits her drink to God before drinking, so sweet of her. God bless u Ma'am

  • Beula Kirupavathi

    hi I'm so grateful to God the Almighty to have seen this video.My brother has been diagnosed with tongue cancer stage 3. He's saved by Christ and he plays keyboard in churches. He was suggested surgery immediately. But he refused and believes that he'll be healed by the word of God. He is determined about it. I prayed the same prayer as did Mari that the Holy Spirit should show us the way to take the right diet. And I came across this. I know that this juice is only going to be a supplement and the main thing is that my brother is healed by the stripes wounds and the precious blood of Jesus. Pls keep him in your prayers and suggest me if there is anything more. I'm sure that soon we will be sharing a similar testimony for the glory of God!!!

  • yael RA

    God bless you for sharing. You have a beautiful spirit!

  • Donald Howser


  • Donald Howser

    she looks like Obama

  • Joyce Jackson

    never heard of fiesta.
    What are your thoughts on raw honey?
    are those veggies and fruits organic?
    15min to hit blood stream with a juicer, how long with a ninja blender?
    nice video. I just subscribed and will share on Facebook

  • Sherie Foster

    how many glasses a day did u drink?

  • Lyn Sy

    hi aside from the juice what does she eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. and does she take supplements?

  • sachin aggarwal

    hi thank you for such a amazing recipe…I lives in India and my mom is suffering from stage 4 leimyosarcoma. i just want to know is this recipie is good for her and can i add beetroot to this recipie..Also habanero peper,grapefruit is not available in my area what else can i use for it..please suggest

  • Anna Simpson

    1st thank you for this video?
    question, to cure do you only drink juice and no solids for 90 day's or do you only do it through out the day and eat clean solids in between? last but not least do you throw away all vitamin supplements that was taken before or can you continue taking them along the ccure journey?


    This is not true. You can't do this.

  • Barry Anderson

    Please understand that no solution including AVC Apple Cider Vinegar can eliminate any chemicals from any edible plant and let the Good Earth Chef explain. In nature all plant life is systemic in the way the food absorbs minerals including agricultural chemicals. How it works ? The plants root system absorbs the chemical internally up and inside all the root systems . This same chemical is then absorbed internally up and through the cellulose fibers of the stem and then leaves . So in fact the actual plant food is part of the chemical in the end . The plant is only the delivery system from which the real nutrition of as much as 200 minerals in one handful of organic soil. Dr. Max Gerson of the Gerson Cancer Therapy talks about this all the time . Cancer prevention and treatment starts with organic integrity of the soil only . So therefore the whole foods must be organic through out the journey of ones life to stay healthy . Most of the GMO chemicals will be found in the process fake food industry ,the food industry , the meat and yes the dairy industry as well. Thank You Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

  • K. Harris

    what type of juicer are you using. it looks like a masticating juicer. thanks for posting

  • Pat Di Maria

    Look behind the ladies in the tile.  What do you see?  Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!  God has worked miracles in her life.  Thank you Jesus!


    red onion is so full of anti-oxident its considered medicine. Id add that along with garlic. Pomelo fruit is the most potent vitamin C fruit on earth at over 500% per USDA serving and tastes wondeful. get the smaller ones theyre more sweet. Also Cherries fight cancer,, i think the Bing ones. ;-D

  • Lif Zaragoza

    thanks for sharing. what kind of cancer and stage did you have?

  • G-Man Crawford

    Dandelion greens i have heavy for 3 days then break- i chge a lot up every 4th day- luv u use cilantro parsley. I used mint after watching you and luv it

  • G-Man Crawford

    Great show- PTL u were healed- God Bless u

  • svj nam

    Great job ladies!! God bless you !

  • Johan Jordaan

    GREAT job lady's . . . GOD bless you… : ))))) Amen and Amen!!!

  • Ash Ahmed

    I've got really advanced rectal cancer, had it 8 years, (( don't know how I'm here, how much veg did u juice, I'm confused, plus how much ginger per cup

  • Ramesh Prasad Kristam

    where is available lemon ginger blast in india

  • You Are The Balance

    very inspiring and inspirational

  • Ed J

    You should add Aloe to the juice. Aloe is a cancer killer. Some grocery stores are starting to sell aloe in the veggie/fruit section.

  • Westhlyne.C Fonrose

    hi did u mix the second juice with the green one please

  • hjha98

    when should you this juice? at what time of the day. Also is this all that one should take very single day?

  • Rehema Alu

    please send 4 me recipe i want to know how

  • mzblackpearlz

    How often did you drink this in a day?

  • Marilyn Bonilla-Torres

    Dios las bendiga hoy y siempre. ¿Como se siente Mari hoy? Dos años atrás en 1 de enero 2015 fui diognosticada con cancer regado en los dos pulmones y sistema lymphato. El dr me puso en Hospice pero Dios me dirijo en batidas verdes. Hacen dos años y todavía sigo sana. Gloria a Dios. Me alegro escuchar su testimonio de sanidad y liberación. shalom

  • Gina Always a VIP!


  • Jeanine Lapointe

    so the nutribullet won't work?

  • claudia salazar

    How much should a stage 4 cancer patient drink? Is it 1 glass per day??

  • Mountainvictory

    whewwwww,,,,GLORY TO GOD!!!!! I am truly loving you two ladies, keep on glorifying HIM!!!!!

  • Jerry DeCouto

    you gals are awesome. PTL!

  • laughs a lot

    Amen!! ???✝️?

  • R.D. S.

    Sorry did I miss a part? Did you mix the second yellow part into the juice?

  • Jan Hardy

    Awesome! Thank God for your testimony!

  • Estefany Chavero

    Is it normal that the juice turned out tremendously spicy?

  • Estefany Chavero

    Thank you Liz I sent you an email ?

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