Omega J8004 Juicer Review – The Life-Changing Benefits Of Juicing



  • Laurie C

    I love my Omega juicer. You can also make ice cream with this juicer. Take some frozen bananas and put them through the juicer. Yummo!

  • Holly Mason

    Thank you for the motivation. Using the steel version of this one. I heard Breville is the best but I'm excited to use this one!

    Thanks for the motivation !

  • Darcey DeRosa

    I'm buying this juicer from Amazon. I can't wait! I've been squeezing the juice from my green smoothies and it is messy and time consuming. I am going to be drinking mostly green juices and vegetable juices!

  • hubergeek

    I loved the video, I ordered mine last night and I can't wait till it gets here. I do have a nutribullet and I think it's great, but I want to explore something different. It has it's use but vegetables tend to go bad very quickly and the nutribullet can't handle a large amount in one pass. With this you can juice it all drink what you need then put the rest in the fridge for later.

  • Mathieu Alepin

    Thank you for the review! I ordered mine yesterday. Looking forward to discovering the benefits of juicing. Have a good one!

  • ROB Last

    Get it on eBay for 179.99

  • Project Life Mastery

    Yeah I find disassembling it is very easy, very easy to rinse, and then just let it dry and use it again tomorrow.

  • Laura Martin

    It's an Auger not a drill bit.

  • fatemajsr

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  • Estrelol

    Good idea indeed! Thanks!

    By the way: I don't really know what you do with the cleaning, but I just rinse everything and it definately takes less than 5 minutes. It takes me about 1,5 minute.

    Since I juice I feel alot more energetic and my skin looks glowy and healthy! I definitely recommend juicing greens and stuff for people with skin problems, energy problems! I reviewed juicers for about half a year before I made my choice and finally I bought an omega 8004 and NO REGRETS! Awsome juicer!

  • Project Life Mastery

    Haven't tried it, but it's a good idea!

  • artbox4949

    No one ever, ever suggests that it would be a great idea to make soup from all the 'waste' pulp. Anyone tried this? I hate to see all that excellent fibre go to waste! And your body needs that fibre. You'll get more benefit from it because its already been masticated for you.

  • Egor Korninski

    Hey! I'm Rachel.I did -40 lbs past 2 weeks.Go to

  • Project Life Mastery

    Yeah I normally throw it out, but you can always put it back in and drink the fiber also if you want.

  • Steinar Jensen

    Great video and great info. It looks like it would be worth it to invest in something like this…
    I am wondering, what do you do with all the pulp and fibres? I would guess that you dont just throw it out…
    Greetings from rainy Denmark..

  • Project Life Mastery

    Awesome John, I agree!

  • John Texas

    I've been juicing longer than you've been alive. This was a great presentation. My first juicer 40 years ago was a Champion; I've had a dozen different brands and types since then. I've been using the 8003 (the 8004 but with the melamine auger and plastic screen holder) since buying it in 2009. Never had a problem with it, using it for daily greens. I concentrate on greens, and this is the best, most cost effective choice. Thanks for sharing!

  • TheGrizzzle

    You Can't juice Leafy Greens with a Centrifugal juicer… (cheap ones) Get a masticating Juicer.

  • duyductlbb

    you just made my day!!!

  • simplylearning1994

    Thank you Stefan! Just ordered it on amazon, unfortunately I'm in Italy and the shipping is fucking expensive but my health and energy are more, A LOT MORE important. Thank you again and keep up the great work!! =)

  • Project Life Mastery

    Awesome, I'm going to try making almond butter with mine.

  • Project Life Mastery

    Joseph McClendon actually does juice, along with Tony Robbins. But juicing and making smoothies are both good that have different benefits. Read the blog post in the description to find out more of my opinion. But juicing allows you to absorb the nutrients faster and helps detoxify your body. You also get in a lot more nutrients than you could by blending – A LOT MORE. You can even add back in the fibre if you want. Blending is good too, I do both, usually juice in morning and blend after gym.

  • simplylearning1994

    I think you've already read this stuff and chosen anyway to juice for some reasons would you explain me briefly why?? Because in this very moment I don't now yet if to buy it or go for smoothie or both!! A big hug from Italy you rock man =)

  • simplylearning1994

    Hey Stefan! I really admire you and I was going to buy the juicer but this morning while re-reading CHANGE YOUR BR. CHANGE YOUR LIFE of Joseph McClendon I found this: "It is important that you don't juice your fruit and vegetables. Although juicing is great and I do juice from time to time myself, juicing takes out a lot of the fiber and some of the nutrients in the juicing process. Make a smoothie using the skin and peal of the fruit, which is where a great deal of the nutrients are stored."

  • Brighid Rose

    i used to have one of these!! absolutely loved it! it did a great job with wheatgrass and the other features are fantastic! nothing like making homemade nut butters 🙂 i will own one of these again. it spoiled me for any other kind.

  • Matthew Fox

    I don't juice anymore I love my NUTRI-BLAST….. drinking raw foods changes how you feel instantly…

  • Project Life Mastery

    Yeah all the time! Anytime you do something to grow or improve yourself, it makes other people feel insignificant and so they will often try to tear you down. Look at it as a sign of success and just keep going with it, despite what others think.

  • Syndetic

    I recommend you put something like coconut oil in it. If you don't take fat with it most of the nutrients won't get absorbed by your body.

  • Project Life Mastery

    What kind of blender you use to juice? Vitamix? You can juice with it too but it's not nearly as good unfortunately and you don't get as much juice by straining it. Yup, still super into fitness as well!

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