• Andrew Casey

    Hey Shelsea,

    Correct on leafy greens with the LaLanne. This one does do other items, but definitely more of a leafy green juicer. A great combo to use with a more traditional juicer though! Cheap, easy to cleanup and use!

  • homebuiltindoorplane

    I bought an electric 400 dollar juicer and this one makes so much more sense and is priced so low! I am going to buy one from your site because you presented it perfectly and its so useful every morning to make wheatgrass. Thanks!

  • Shelsea Sanchez

    I have a Jack La Lanne juicer and find it very hard to juice spinach… I may want to try this. When juicing other fruits is it harder?

  • Andrew Casey

    Unfortunately there isn't another attachment for that (yet).

  • Andrew Casey

    Hey there – it is really best on wheatgrass and leafy greens. That being said it can handle carrots and other veggies. If you are going to primarily juice wheatgrass and leafy greens but use carrots and other items (apples, etc etc) as some extra taste it's the perfect juicer!

  • Andrew Casey

    Hahahaha. If you cut it at the right time then it should taste "sweet"…if you let it grow too much than it will start to taste bitter. The effects are AMAZING and so worth it. I happen to enjoy taking the shots and find them tasty now!

  • Andrew Casey

    Ahhh that is great!!!! Yes, this little thing is awesome for leafy greens and wheatgrass. Hope you love it!


    im so happy i kept looking this is fabulous thank you for the video, i was just about to budget for the omega 8006 and this hand powered one does the same thing and i already have the jack lelane juicer i just want an additional one for really leafy items and i have the ninja blender

  • Duncan Greenfield

    What does it taste like;
    (a) Healthy?
    (b) Horrible?
    (c) Both?


  • Lucin Ka

    Is it good with carrots and other hard veggies?

  • GratitudeRanch

    Oh my goodness she is so cute! I am so thinking of taking my Omega juicer back for this juicer. Can you make puree' or baby food with this juicer? Or is there an additional attachment that you can get?

  • ddawn54

    Just got this juicer yesterday. I agree with the video. It is simple, cheap (about 45 bucks) and perfect for masticating kale. Its so easy to clean also. I don't use it for any other juice. For apples and celery for instance I put a little ice in my cheap blender with a little water and blend. Then squish out the juice from a cheesecloth or flour sack cotton cloth. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to make the juice including clean up.

  • Andrew Casey

    hahaha. You gotta get one! IT IS AWESOME!

  • La La

    I could have used that today while making my video on wheat grass juicing. Nice product!

  • speedwayman100

    you are so cute!! love that tats! sexy

  • Romeo G

    Its so GREEN in there..cool

  • Ronald Schuck

    @877MYJUICER Nice. Thanks so much for the response. I've been looking everywhere for a manual juicer that does more than just greens. I'm happy I finally found one. Much appreciated 🙂

  • Andrew Casey

    @his1dudeness Hey! Yes, it does do pretty much everything. That being said, it is BEST on greens and wheatgrass. If you want something that does everything, then go for the healthy juicer electric ($179) .

  • Ronald Schuck

    Will this juicer do well with other things such as veggies or fruits?
    I've noticed that the electric masticating juicers are too expensive for me and I was hoping this hand operated juicer might suit the bill. But I'm looking to juice more than just greens.
    I'd appreciate any insight you might be able to offer me.

  • Andrew Casey

    @smiles12331 🙂

  • Andrew Casey

    @hfencik OH NICE!! I use mine all the time!

  • Andrew Casey

    @gthbushue Glad you enjoyed!!!

  • smiles12331

    nice :)))) and the juicer….

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