Juicing vs. Blending with Nutritionist Amanda Hayes



  • JGS Music

    Nutritional quality has nothing to do with it man. That's all shit. People juice because they don't like the consistency of the produce and they want to drink it down at fast as they can. When you juice, you waste so much of the fruits and vegetables. I recommend blending that way you get the fiber as well as the nutrients. Juicers didn't exist 600 years ago. remember that

  • Josh H

    stupid question, but stems and seeds won't harm the machine? will it not end up in the juice?

  • keemooneoone

    id still prefer blending. juicing is kinda overlyhyped this days imo

  • ward simmonds

    Great video! Very informative and awesome explanations. Thank you 🙂

  • pibbles1009

    Thank you! That was very helpful.

  • Cam Par

    it is good to juice in the morning and blend maybe at noon or evening with a meal? I want to juice and blend

  • need job

    Thanks for this information, I've been using a cheap glass blender for all of my detoxes thinking that it was the same as juicing, honestly the cost of juicers can be intimidating for someone on a small budget plus there are so many to choose from it's intimidating to figure out how to pick the right one, but I'm definitely going to save for one because I don't eat enough vegetables because I don't know how to best prepare them but drinking them is so much easier especially when it might not taste well

  • MDW 101

    I still prefer blending!!!

  • Steve Smekar

    What about the fact that the hi speed blender adds air to the smoothie, reducing the antioxidant levels and health benefits that we are trying for in the first place?

  • Tomas Matuliukštis

    Next video should be on your shoulders workout ?

  • chrissy raddatz

    Could you take the leftover pulp (plant fiber or what not) from the juicer and put it into your smoothies?

  • BALLOON!!!

    I have a $20 blender. '(o.o)/'

  • Defy Entropy

    Very nice review 🙂 IMO one should own both!!. I have a Vitamix and a 2HP
    Cuisinart blender love them. I understand the "THEORY" that with blending most of the nutrients "may" be lost withing 1-2 minutes due to oxidation…(Isn't browning a sign of fruit and veggie oxidation?) this may be true for cheap blenders that take forever to do the job and heat up, but until there is an actual mathematical comparison on percentage lost between the two it's merely a hypothesis….I do want an OMEGA also 🙂 thank You.

  • Jabroni Jinkies

    blah, baby blah.

  • Anne Greene

    Loved the information, but I really find music backgrounds very annoying. Too distracting.

  • sewandembmom12

    I have R.A. As a Nutritionist, what would you do, juice or blend- or every other day switch? Thank-you. I am trying to improve my health.

  • Michael Harren

    Great great video. Thanks!

  • Ulker M

    What do you mean by "fit your lifestyle"? :/ It is literally just a juicer, how can it depend on that?

  • Karolina

    Hi Amanda, great video. I do agree people in general do not eat enough vegatables, including me, that's why I find juicing and blending so helpful. I do have two questions though:
    1) Is it true that blending fruit & veg in a blender with metal elements (blades) affects/decreases the quality of juice?
    2) is it true that eating (drinking as a juice or blended) greens without any type of fat added (avokado/coconut/olive oil etc..) stops the vitamins & minerals to be effectively absorbed by the body?
    Hope you can help :))

  • heelboy

    Excellent informational video. I use the nutrabullet everyday, while my wife uses her juicer. I believe it boils down to a matter of choice.

  • David Erwin

    Good afternoon. Thanks for the great video. I have been blending off and on for several years. I love the results I get when I do. I typically blend about ten ounces of leafy greens, then supplement with other vegetables. I also add water to liquify and make the drinking easier, only about two cups. My yield is usually about 64 oz.

    I am looking at purchasing a juicer while continuing to blend as well. With this said, I have two questions:

    1) If I juice or blend a large quantity, how long do I have before my juice/blend begins to lose its nutritional punch?

    2) If I begin to add juicing to what I am doing, would you recommend leaving the contents I blend to remain the same for the fibre, or should I reduce the quantity?

    Thanks for taking time to reply.

  • Sylvain Beland

    Nice objective video. I really enjoyed it, will continue my research. Thank you!

  • CrowdPleeza

    You say get a powerful blender. What should people look out for as far as power?

  • MRbobandMRbird 2

    I have 64OZ of mean Green Juice everyday… I am currently on day 12 of 90 days… Trying to lose 110 pounds in 3 months already lost 15 in 12 days so Good so Far

  • gusy629

    Thanks for the video, Amanda. In my case, I reply on juicing since i have low metabolism. If i blend the veggies for smoothies, I get bloated. The main benefit of juicing is all the nutrients gone to the blood vessel very quickly. I normally feel great after lunch time and jump around the office. All my work mates think I'm a nut because I feel energetic.

  • Janice Raines

    Great job!!

  • Kevin Jaynes

    Thank You. Which is best and healthiest for fastest weight loss, Juicing or blending?

  • Simon Vance

    Great info, thanks a lot. 

  • Steven Fullen

    People are being so rude in these comments. I thought this was very helpful and I think you're a fantastic speaker. Haha Thank you for the video. 

  • Don Da Won

    thanks; but your talking to fast.

  • Katrina Kole

    To solve the problem: Strain the juice that you make in the blender, put the mix through a cloth and squeeze out the juice…tada…juice with no pulp…

  • jazzyjazzyjazzy

    I choose blending

  • Adrienne Hicks

    Also the vitimix does not destroy the nutrients like a regular blender, they also explain why on the dvd, nothing can get heated over 100 degrees, thats why you can make a healthy soup also, hot for the body but not hot enough to destroy.

  • Adrienne Hicks

    You can juice with a Vitimix also and keep the fiber as well, the dvd that comes with your Mixer showes how to juice with it. It also shows how to make smoothies which is totally different. I have both but tend to use the vitimix way more, I get a great thirst quenching juice and get to keep the fiber, with 10x less work, I feel fuller and still have loads of energy. I brought my jucier for $500 us and started to stop jucing because of the prep of the fruits and veggies before and the clean up after! It was tooo much! I would make a ton at one time, but found I didnt want it unless it was just made. With the high speed vitmix I make juice two to three times a day, and out the door!

  • Jawan Terrell

    You left out a third con to juicing, at least with centrifugal juicers: the heat causing nutrient loss.

  • Brandon Cummings

    Thanks for the info Amanda!

  • angela parker

    Hi, thanks for info, I am using a smoothie everyday now. I just read a Google report that said too many greens can cause serious health problems if you have issues with fungus. Any insights on this?

  • The Sheriff


    I'll be your bad boy 😉

  • Barrie Featherstone

    You are right you are not getting the same nutrition you are wrong when you say juicing is better.

  • Roshan Khadka

    Hey YouTubers, have you experienced Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google) You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Fat Blast Furnace, you will discover how to lose weight fast.

  • Eden Blair

    i put greens into a blender with a bit of water, then strain away the pulp. the resulting liquid is always quite chlorophyll rich/deep green in color. essentially, i am using the same technique as one does when making almond/nut milk. does this qualify as juicing? am i still getting nutrients from this method?

  • fabulousap

    I love your vid

  • MyVeryOwnPlaylistIND

    A good video, but voice quality is overlooked. Makes it a chore to understand and need to listen on a higher volume. 

  • Mario A. Moreno

    Thank you for the informative presentation. 

    I have a question in this comparative since I went through this search in the past. I see the benefits of both food processing methods. However I have a concern in the juicing of fruits if this method incorporates too much sugars in my diet. I can easy drink juice made with 6 or 8 apples in a morning, what is a healthy ammount of apples or sweet fruits that you should not surpass daily? Thanks, 

  • YouRurBozz

    To those who don't have a juicer: Blend it, with a little bit more water than you usually use -> Strain it -> drink.

  • Gem_Gem7

    Really great video! The best on the topic, I think. You were very succinct and to the point.

  • Henny Lopez

    Why don't we just do both? Juice on day and blend the other. That way both are happy , the juice people and the blenders.
     There, I just solved the problem.

  • Mega Tron

    Ill make her fell a burst of energy ! Jk nice video Im starting a 30 day juicing Mean green , I wanna lose 25 lbs

  • Nathan B

    Good job for only having 8 videos. Loved the info and you were very informative. Compliments aside, I do have a critique. You speak a little too quickly. Maybe slow it down a little, not a lot, but a little.

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