Juicing Grapes in the Omega 8006 & Omega VRT350 HD Juicers



  • Rob Sadler

    The difference is 1/6 of a cup or 1.28 ounces.

  • RawGreenGlitter

    Great video John! I love my 8006 but it definitely takes me more than two or three minutes to clean after juicing. Do you use warm soapy water or a high water pressure technique? It would be awesome if you could make a video showing us how you clean your juicers.

  • BaBOehOY

    Thanks John.

  • Cat Mandu

    Hi John, I spoke with you on the phone a couple of days ago. Thanks for uploading this video. I've been trying to simplify exactly what you did in this video, in order to convince my dad to buy the 8006. Now I can show this to him and save myself some trouble. Thanks again! Great job as usual.

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