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  • Icenstoiler

    Why vegan protein?

  • Lynton Blair

    thanks for your informative videos; but I think when you refer to arsenic in apricot kernels, apple seeds etc you probably would want to say cyanide?

  • sarahgittel

    I am using the green life jicer, your old favorite. What is the name of your new fave. Looking to buy a new. Please respond

  • Fabulous Woman

    I am so grateful and blessed to live in Costa Rica where coconuts are fresh and abundant. Love your work Dr. Bergman.

  • petmom ful

    I am going to keep juicing, but then put the juice and some of the pulp, in the Vitamix and zap it for a couple seconds. That way I will put some of the fiber back in. Because I get what he says about being able to consume a lot of fruit and veggies by juicing.

  • funkycowboy

    Do fake boobs cause health problems?

  • Dolby

    what juicer are you using?

  • Eat To Live

    30 day juice fast starting tomorrow

  • Aaron Doiron

    make urself smarter

  • Aaron Doiron

    can you increase iq?

  • Desery168

    What juicier is a that, the one with the dryer pulp

  • Nata Abdullayeva

    Can anybody tell me what the name of the juicer Brend witch the doctor calling the best?

  • Mark Vaneenennaam

    Dr. John B. I like what you are doing keep up the good work. Btw bananas are actually very low on potassium, check also Dr. Micheal Greger for more facts on food.

  • JubeeBijou

    I've had LPR/reflux for over 4 years. No longer on meds. I just focus on diet. No diary, no gluten. Still have reflux. I'm considering getting a masticating juicer. Will this help with the reflux? How often a day should I juice? I am not over weight. Actually underweight due to not wanting to eat much because of the reflux. I exercise regularly.

  • Rocksinga

    Buy a coconut opener

  • Leap Frog

    Janine is cute!

  • Ron James

    Wow…only 1% from eating a raw carrot…very informative video….a must watch video (aren't they all?) I need to find a good juicer

  • gracegivenbygod

    Do you use the pulp from juicing in your blender smoothies?  Any issues with getting that extra fiber?

  • Jesse Davis

    can i get a list of ten veggies to juice with that are good

  • Jay De Rousselle

    Janine's body in on point….Great info too lol and He meant Plant based saturated fats just to clarify.. Coconuts Avocados flax seeds, chia seeds ,nuts etc.. Not meat, that kills.

  • Yulia Katgara

    This is very wrong to eat every 2 hours!!!! It keeps our sugars and insuline constantly high in our blood and couse all sort of trouble! im suprised reputaple doctor like you spread this idea in his videos: to eat every 2-3 hour, while everyonne who wants to have healthy heart and get rid of diabeties or insuline resistance have to do opposit – not to eat between meals and have 5 – 6 hours between meals.

  • DubiousDragon

    As much as I enjoyed your video. my son was born with autism whose mother was then and still is a careful balanced eater. There are enough real benefits without you making crap up.

  • Daren wilson

    I have the cheaper blender the salter the 2ed to last one you used .
    Juicers speed problem oxidising , buy a fan speed controller £10

  • bizojan

    Maca is consumed as food for humans and livestock, suggesting any risk from consumption is rather minimal.[citation needed] It is considered as safe to eat as any other vegetable food, but maca does contain glucosinolates, which can cause goiters when high consumption is combined with a diet low in iodine.
    However, darker-colored maca roots (red, purple, black) contain
    significant amounts of natural iodine, a 10-gram serving of dried maca
    generally containing 52 µg of iodine.[2]

  • Maverick Alchemist

    I used to open the coconuts that dropped off the trees in the yard with a full size ax. You lost the juice but all it takes is one good swing …… outside on the ground of course as it's not something you do in the kitchen.

  • Truth seeker

    amazing info
    thank you

  • Sherrie Vitello

    So which juicer is the best one to use and what is the name brand?

  • Marwah B

    Nutrininja here 🙂

  • Angie Mohr

    I love your videos, it all seems almost too good to be true. I'm about to order an Omega juicer, that is not cheap. I have thought about it before, a few times, but your videos and my condition have finally convinced me that I need to do this.

  • GRK kumar

    Nice video Bergman!

  • jumper86 Cole

    Doc, what's your opinion on Spirulina?

  • Juliet Leahing

    Dr. Bergman do you ever come to New York, we would love to have you here

  • Vonnie Gowing

    what is the brand of the raw vegan protein you are using?

  • Momwith2toLUV

    How do you feel about juice fasting to help someone with hashimotos? Length of time?

  • Tridhos

    I use a Vitamix blender it seems to me that with a juicer you are throwing away lots of nutrition that your body needs. My blender pulverizes stalks etc and I drink it as a smoothie. This morning a banana, garlic, ginger, dragon fruit, passion fruit, slice of lemon, pineapple, jack fruit and spinach.

  • shanaz shadrokh

    Hi thank you for educating us
    I have 4 years old grand daughter. because I heard so much bad about milk,we switched to carrot juice. but the child became yellow .this is dangerous?

  • People Power

    You said, "I go gangbusters style!" which made me laugh! That's my style too, all or nothing! Obviously straight from the field is ideal, but how long can you store them for and if so what's the best method? Thanks.

  • Steve A

    Love all your videos but I'm a little confused about one thing. This video was about juicing but my question is about frequency of meals. Janine says she has 5 to 6 meals a day about every two hours apart. Then there are a lot of videos by Dr. Mike that praise the intermittent fasting technique. Those are 2 totally different concepts. Can you explain what in your opinion is the best approach? Thank you and keep the videos coming.

  • Dallas Donaldson

    I thought the moringa tree was the most nutrient dense food on the planet.

  • Joao Coelho

    As far as the coconut, Dr. Bergman's method is almost perfect. I was born and raised in a farm with hundreds of coconut trees so, I have a lot of experience in dealing with them. My suggestion: using the knife, cut the tip on the bottom to make it flat, so you can stand it on the table later; cut the husk at the top until you expose the hard shell and the three eyes on it; one has a softer skin which you can easily pierce with a pointy knife but, because the hole is not so big, the water will come out very slowly. You can enlarge the hole or use a nail or a corkscrew to pierce one of the other eyes, but it won't be as easy as the main eye, because they are not the same size and don't have the same soft skin area (if the coconut is planted, from these eye germination will occur and a new plant will be formed). Once you have a second hole made, turn the coconut upside down on the blender cup and let it drain; it will take a few seconds with the air being sucked inside the coconut through the smaller hole made. If you make just one hole, it will take longer for it to drain.
    Once the water is out, lay the coconut on the table, counter, or a heavy duty cutting board, with the ends on a horizontal position and facing you, and strike it right in the middle with the cleaver until it is open in two halves; then it is easier to scoop out the pulp. The younger the coconut is, the softer the inner shell and pulp will be, and the outer husk will be more dense, not spongy, but somewhat easier to cut through. On a very young coconut, the pulp inside will have the consistency of gelatin, and it is very delicious.
    I used to drink and eat the pulp of 3, 4 or more coconuts a day… it was a blessing and I miss it so much! For the past few years, I have made up my mind: I will retire and go back to our farm… if the Lord permits.

  • Doreen Maclean

    What can you recommend to detoxifying our bodies and especially parasite removal. I know we ALL, have parasites. I have no symptoms but would like to find a good juicing plan, followed by taking something for parasites. I don't want to do colonic or enemas. Is there really away of juicing and taking something to get this over with. This grosses me the hell out, but I now I might feel better to clean house lol. Thanks John, I love all your vids. You are the only one I have found, that truely knows what, you are doing????

  • Janet Tempest

    The sound was poor on this video I couldn't hear the names of the juicers and the woman's head was in the way couldn't see?belive what your doing is very good we need people like you who tell the truth about food thank you ?

  • Tammy Stewart

    I believe it is cyanide in apple, peach, apricot, etc seeds/pits rather than arsenic?

  • Lise L

    Fresh coconut isn't always available where I live. what's your take on comercial coconut water?

  • JUNKYARDOGvideos

    A sweetener that is a lot like white sugar but is good for you'r teeth [ and is used to sweeten toothpaste ] is natural 'Stevia' available in health food stores.

  • bes1batch1976

    Im still looking at the book you recommended "Culture and Medicine" here in the philippines, I will try amazon if its not available here in our country

  • bes1batch1976

    I just texted my brother and sisters told them to follow you on youtube

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