Juicing and Cleansing Your Body



  • YaYa

    Yum, that looks good! Is it a good idea to add a protein powder to a cleansing juice?

  • YaYa

    Thank you Dr. Axe. I guess I need to stop adding bananas into my juice smoothies. As usual you give such great advice. Bless.

  • Amanda shimmer

    Dr Axe, planning on doing a juice cleanse for 5 days but then I was reading about your bone broth information. Would you recommend a juice cleanse or bone broth cleanse for optimal digestion and clear skin?

  • Mac V

    Dr. Axe can I drink a glass of Juiced vegetables while doing intermittent fasting?

  • Marion Amoah

    new subbie

  • BAROLO dog

    Throw some ginger and turmeric in there

  • Michael D'Ulisse

    Great video. I eat alot of raw vegetables. I do a smoothie in the morning (spinach, parsley, cucumber, coconut oil, ginger). I steam veggies in the afternoon (Broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower). In the evening I will make a big salad (kale, romaine and other greens) with beans. I do eat fruit in between (bananas, apples) sometimes I'll make a health cookie.  I'm a fitness instructor and teach zumba almost 10 times a week. So I workout a lot. I've been getting pimples on my forehead and cheek. Am I lacking in something? I started to get them when I started on my raw quest. I'm adding in some steamed things, but still their staying on my face. I sometimes add in tuna or sardines.  Thanks in advance.

  • Shady Ghanem

    this video would be very funny if jucing meant jercking off

  • Omar G

    i found myself juicing several apples/pears/oranges per day to sweeten the other veggies like beets, kale and celery…hard to down veggies juices with no fruits 🙁

  • Dr. Josh Axe

    +bigraidermando Look for a Maximized Living doctor in your area: legacy.maximizedliving.com/home/findadoctor.aspx

  • Dr. Josh Axe

    @Desi9, juices and smoothies each have unique health benefits.  Smoothies are a better source of fiber, but juicing allows nutrients to be directly absorbed into the blood stream and allows the digestive system to rest to promote healing.

  • Dr. Josh Axe

    +DRIFTER787 Beets are great!  Check out my article on the health benefits of beets: draxe.com/beet-benefits/  Give my sweet beet juice a try! draxe.com/recipe/sweet-beet-juice/

  • Dr. Josh Axe

    Thanks for your support, +mixxndj!

  • Dr. Josh Axe

    Thanks for your positive feedback,@rachelmaechel! I've created plenty more videos like this!  Check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/doctorjoshaxe

  • Shannon Roberson

    I love all of you videos doctor!!!

  • Shannon Roberson

    Hi Doc! What would be more sufficient in trying to lose weight (replacement meals) green juices or green smoothie. Would you maybe do a video on green juicing vs green smoothies….Thanks!

  • Dr. Josh Axe

    There are so many benefits to cleansing and detoxing your body through juicing! What did you juice today?
    Juicing and Cleansing Your Body
    #juicing #healthyliving #cleanse #detox #friday  

  • Anesha Saunders

    Awesome job!

  • DRIFTER787

    hi Dr, what do you think adding beets to juicing?

  • Kenna Dell

    I would add the peel ONLY if it is organic…

  • Conscious Strength

    Juice the whole things, peel and all. Great bioflavanoids in the peels and rinds. I wouldnt juice the seeds not because of the "cyanide" (the cyanide in apple seeds and other seeds its actually part of vitamin b17 – a.k.a. laetrile. Great cancer fighter, look into it) but the seeds will probably cause stress on the machine and clog it. bam!

  • sirenmuscle

    how do you juice a lemon… do you have to peel it.. or can you just put it in the jucier? Also I heard apple seeds have cyanide in them…is it safe to juice the seeds? anyone???

  • Steve Huynh

    where did you get this greenfed. t-shirt from? Thank You!

  • razz P

    Great info doc. Would you recommend juicing non organic vegetables? Curious because not everyone can afford organic,and I'm wondering if the pesticides in such high doses can be harmful when juicing?

  • poumayerling

    Hi good morning I just joined your channel and I love every single information that you have to offer I am a mother of two and I eat healthy I exercise every day I take care of myself this juicer I am going to start juicing for the 14 days to cleanse my body after I had my one-year-old I hope it goes well on what do I eat in between if you can please can you please let me know for the cleansing process detox if I eat anything in between.

  • pucrob

    I recently bought the Omega 8006 on the recomendation of John Kohler as I follow the green juice of 3 kale and spinach or lettuce, 1 apple,3 carrots,1/2" ginger,1/2 lemon,1 cucumber and 2 celery. I keep fruit to a minimum or juice fruits on occasion. I tried the centrifical type juicers and found they did not work as well for me because of the speed and mess.

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