Juicing 101: Juicing Tips for Beginners!



  • Pearl Juarez

    Hello! I want to try this. could you please tell me exactly how much of each produce and fruit you used?

  • Judy Wells

    Wow. Great Tips! I juice, but didn't know several of the things you pointed out. Thanks.

  • SkincareTalk Radio

    Absolutely great idea with pulp! Last year, I received a Vitamix as a gift and never thought of combining the pulp when I make smoothies! I had to save for my omega 8006 juicer but it too is a masticating unit which works best for me when juicing. I love using it! Quiet in the morning! Vitamix wakes up the entire neighborhood! Love your videos! Happy New Year! Blessings!

  • mas bara

    I read many good opinions on the internet
    about how exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google) can assist you
    lost tons of weight. Has any one tried this popular weight loss secrets?

  • batchee boy


  • TheWildbill242

    I've been juicing for almost 25 years. One problem I had at first was that I would drink the juice too fast; like chugging it down. I talked to others and they suggested drinking the juice slower; like sipping it. It worked for me. From what I understand drinking it slower allows more saliva to be added to the drink. It works for me, hope it works for you.

  • Wendy Paredes

    what of you dont have those bags what is the second option

  • Maddie

    Your skin is so radiant! Idk how old you are but you look so young!

  • Grant Garner

    I have never used a juicer before, but that was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much.

  • Gregory Valencia

    I just use a blender

  • sandy sharma

    v use full recipe

  • Loulou T

    What a great video !!! So informative and motivating … Thanks Barbara

  • Csbr 17

    yeah doing the same thing with pulp leftover,I've been mixing pulp with the other recipes i'm doing, like burger patty, caked, breads etc… with my juicer (which is Lifespring juicer)
    I produce very dry pulp so i mix it with honey sometimes and it blends well especially with cakes..

  • Uncle Bernie

    You are very attractive

  • Ryan Deleon

    Hamilton Beach big mouth juicer is good for $60.00 and check out "danger and plays" juicing trilogy books. by Mike Cernovich

  • Kimora82

    Your best bet is use NUTRI BULLET! NOTHING goes to waste!!! ?????

  • The Juicing Channel

    Great tips. Get a good juicer and have a permanent space for it! Thank you!

  • Lenin Luna

    Pff juicing is for those who wanna end up with serious stomach infections.  I drank sweet tomato juice and ended up in the hospital puking up so much bile and then blood and ended up with gastritis.  Thanks to juicing, I almost got killed!

  • samuel river

    Hey, I'm a fighter for Dragonfly MMA. I was wondering if this would help me with losing 20 pounds in 2 months. My trainer says in order to be trained the way I want to be trained that I'll need to lose at least 20 pounds. Would juicing be good for this?

  • Pascale Devalet

    Thank you for the pulp tips. My pulp always go to the bin. Only carrots pulp i use to make banana and carrots bread. ☺

  • Margie Spiritdragon

    I read that you need to watch how much kale you eat it does have some negative aspects to it.. just google it.

  • Rose Serrano

    I really found this video helpful I really want to start juicing for 30days but I was wondering how many times do I drink the juice per day ?

  • Healthwise

    I love juicing because it gives me so much energy. I've been juicing from the beginning of my pregnancy and I noticed that I haven't suffered many of the symptoms that pregnant women experience (bloating, constipation, anemia, etc.). I use the Nutri Bullet because it doesn't remove the pulp.  I admit, some days I don't feel like juicing, but I make sure I do. It's like natural medicine.

  • Christian Taveras

    Your not gonna feel it kike if yiu was to take hydroxycut but you should feel a little better forst thing in the morning and also with excercise

  • darcy smithson

    Thank you for the tip to use the juice pulp in the next morning's smoothie. I've been looking for a practical way not to waste the nutritious pulp, and this is by far the best idea I've heard.  Thanks again.

  • Pro Snagger

    I like to juice my cheese burgers with my bacon fat and have it with my morning crispy creme mmmm soo good…. And good for you….

  • Unique Roane

    I don't have a juicer but I have a Magic Bullet. Is this recipe better for a use of a juicer.

  • Veronica Castillo

    Thank you pretty straightforward video! 🙂

  • Dan Hammonds

    How long before you feel any benefits? I started juicing 3 weeks ago hoping to increase my energy and vitality, but I feel no different. I felt better when I was adding butter to my morning coffee.

  • Thomas Courchaine

    Just showed your video to my English class here in Korea. We are interested in juicing! Thank you for sharing your tips!

  • oyster

    It's not Monday it's Thursday? wtf

    ps I keep my juicer on my head

  • Gorilla Fit Prep

    Hey this was awesome stuff, I hope more people start juicing!

  • mary alice hornsby

    I'm new to juicing, but my favorite mixture is V8 juice, kale, apples, and lemon. The very first time I tried this I love it. And if you want to spice it up add a little hot sauce.

  • ShadowTheSoulless

    I got a 35 dollar juicer, a black&decker one because i couldnt afford a 100 dollar one, so i will see how well it works.

  • docoluv9

    Question for y'all… What if i can't find organic can i juice non organic and still see results?

  • barry zome

    You can mix the green juice with Almond milk either store bought but better to make your own Almond milk.

  • Niccola B

    Great tip on what to do with the left over pulp!!

  • arcbc33

    I used to imagine that juicing was too time consuming and tedious, then i tried it and realized it is so much quicker, easier and so much less clean up than cooking a meal, to me juicing is actually a time saver.

  • Going Coastal

    This video is outstanding!

    I've never done any juicing, but after watching this video, it's something I'd like to try.

  • Susan Simerly

    Excellent, I am new to juicing and have now have a much better idea of how to use the juicer. Thanks so much.

  • Sooner boy

    You may easily clean produce with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in hot water. Soak and rinse very well. 

  • yasoda song

    Hello everyone! Have you ever tried – Azon Deal Buddy (do a google search)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy saved an awful lot of cash with it. They used that little yellow box, that you can find on the site, to get a 90% discount on a smart phone. You may be able to find an awesome juicer at a incredible price.

  • Torace Weaver

    lot of infro thanks for the video

  • Captain Planet

    hey Barbara just started watching your videos and loving them. i'm mostly raw vegan but do eat some cooked foods. i do juicing for 1 meal everyday as i know it does get rid of the fiber so wouldn't want to do it for every meal because of effect on blood sugar levels. I also though have 16 bananas a day in a smoothie spread across 4 smoothies so 4 bananas per smoothie. I know they are low GI as they have fiber but what effect on blood sugar level could this have???? could i become diabetic??? I'm not overweight but did feel extremely fatigued the last few weeks until i started taking my B12 again and adding more green leaves into diet. My energy levels then went flying up

  • frogmanphil

    Your Video is Helpful, Informative, & Useful. Thank You from a "Juicer"..
    I'm also an R.N., and Hyperbaric Dive Medicine Specialist..I am impressed with your ability to incorporate the content of Knowledge for EVERYONE!! This is Important: The Novice Juicer will: "Get It"! And if not, Remain Optimistic, & your advice will lead them to a comprehensive summary…
      You are providing education for the Well Being…
    Now, "You Be Well & Blessed"

  • Tug Slug

    Why doesn't anyone make a juice similar to the one you just made?

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