Juicers – Hurom Slow Juicer vs. Breville Centrifugal Juicer – Juicing demo



  • Mae Sampang


  • Lauren Cox

    Great side by side comparison. I have the Breville and had no idea how much green I am not getting into my juice.

  • Delta Lima

    If you are a beginner then the breville is the product you want. It is simple to use (you don't have to chop everything up) super easy to clean and FAST, plus it is reasonably priced.Put your kale in first followed by a whole apple and you wont have any leafy leftovers. I think these girls putting the kale in last was deceiving. If you choose to continue juicing for the long term then perhaps you might want to invest in a juicer that maximizes extraction to get you that extra ounce of juice from your produce. I compost my pulp so I figure what is lost in extraction is gained in my compost.

  • Peter L

    I've got the higher end Breville centrifugal and it's great. It kicks any masticating juicers ass as far as speed goes, and I don't have to cut up anything before I stick it in. I also don't pound down on the plunger which gives me a better yield. Admittedly, it doesn't juice leafy vegetables as well as my masticating juicer, but does a decent job none the less. I bought both my juicers second hand, as the majority of people that buy them use them a few times and then the novelty wears off. The centrifugal is also a lot easier to clean.

  • Kyle Magaster

    Girl on right was purposely going slow. That's a screwed up test for time consumption.

  • Sandy Weaver

    I would like to see the Hurom compared to the GreenStar. I get a quart of juice with only about a cup of pulp with my GreenStar. Looks like both of those have way too much pulp.

  • zn7zn7zn7

    you should have compared with breville cold press juicer and not centrifugal. hurom is cold press. so they will definitely show a difference

  • Jason Christopher

    If you put the kale in first, it will juice once you put the rest in…

  • Peyton Sawyer

    Just gonna say the girl on the left with short hair is so hot and i'm a girl ! 😀 PS the video was awesome i might buy a slow juicer now 😀

  • lol

    I fucked the girl with short hair before lol

  • JoshTheBoss

    What about strawberries, peaches and soft fruits in general? How do they perform?

  • Spakusha

    Can you write name of famous people who use Hurom?

  • new saints

    They have some really good puusy

  • alexlyburton

    I have both of those juicers and will sometimes run the pulp from the Breville through the Hurom.

  • Matt McKasty

    There a re a few things wrong with this video. First of all a $400 juicer is not a beginner juicer, at all. secondly you are supposed to juice your leafy greens first, they only got stuck because you did it wrong. Third if you're going to have a youtube channel that produces content you shouold pay at least a little attention to the audio quality because it horrible in this video.

  • threestrong03

    hurom. thanks ladies

  • Marek Sumguy

    I pick… the chick on the left.

  • patriotsongs

    I'm curious why they didn't compare the higher end Breville with the Hurom. The Breville I own has 5 speeds. And so far as the kale is concerned, why do the kale last rather than first? You can push it through with the harder vegetables. And why not filter the juice of the Breville, too, to get rid of some of the foam (pulp)? This definitely was rigged to favor the Huron.

    I've had a juicer that I had to cut up everything into small pieces, and I can tell you, I didn't like it. Sure, it made great juice, but it was time consuming for both preparation and cleanup. I'll take my Breville every time.

  • Karen Sterling

    Nice demo

  • ras 47

    dang that's alot left over is there a way to use the leftover

  • Susan Scovill

    I own the Breville Elite and have no issues with kale or other leafy greens. Wrap them in apple or put harder veg through after. I never have chunky kale parts.

  • Alejo Vidal

    I like both …the one with blue eyes and the brunette

  • Fit freak

    ill cut up the veges to get a better tasting and more nutrient juice.

  • SiriusVids

    hers is sweeter….

  • SiriusVids

    What was the specific difference in the color- why so much greener on the left?

  • Point Of Art

    Hey baby… what happened to your voice….?

  • Yisrael Lipschitz

    very nice comparison, I would also talk about "cleaning" the machine. I have had the Hurom and other centrifuge juicers. By far the best one is the Hurom. I can wake up early and make juice for wife and kids without them complaining that the juicer is "waking" them up because of the loud noise. The only draw back in the Hurom is not being able to throw down the shoot whole apples and the fact that fibery veggies like celery will restrict the waste passage. I found that If I cut them into 1" length bits they will go thru easily.

  • Someone Somewhere

    Juicing with a centrifugal, you juice the leafy vegetables first, rolling up into a ball and following with something harder. It juices the leafy vegetables just fine. I do like something I saw here that I haven't seen before. I will be putting a bag in the catcher from now on. Nice idea.

  • Hurom España

    Gracias por vuestro video. Thank you for your video

  • steve hall

    these vertical juicers are a real pain as having to chop things up so small. i use the omega 8005 and it munches anything in one hit.

  • NoneTaken

    Doesn't seem like such a fair comparison.  The Hurom Slow Juicer is $250 and the Breville Centrifugal Juicer is $150. (They mentioned this, if you could hear it) Also, the girl on the right didn't even try to get the leafy green kale to work. You're supposed to pack them in with something hard like a carrot.

  • b m

    There are so many models which model are you using please?

  • Jamaal Webb

    I love my Hurom!

  • SuperMom Vegas

    I am picking a Hurom in the morning!!

  • Chocolette Smith

    Thank you ladies, you've really helped me make a decision. I will be a first time juicer owner and I'm soooooo lost and confused on which is best whenever i go into the juicer isle. I get so mentally drained I just leave lol


    Thank you

  • RevJock

    Good review. Nice hosts, composition fine but audio is awful 🙁

  • canadian01978

    centrifugal are outdated and its only a matter of time before they disappear.  Slow juicers are the wave of the future because you can juice quietly and keep the juice for days opposed to 40 minutes to an hour at most for the other kind.

  • Allen Kennedy

    No match for the Norwalk Juicer.

  • Bujang Terlajak

    i chuz long brunette..

  • Tommy Harris

    Cleaning up is very tedious!!

  • Helio Braga d'Avila Mendes

    the audio is terrible

  • 27 Street

    Excellent video!  I like how you explained everything and show the juicers working, the comparisons, etc.  It really answered my questions.  Thank you!  I have a Breville but in the future I will move on to a masticating juicer. 

  • Sinyail

    show us yer tits!

  • Ajith Nair

    great job!

  • hortenIX

    right the juice is oxydised from the mixed air.. and left have a nice saturated color.. 

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