• Rigbybigdog

    You did great and a very interesting vid?

  • Mimi O'Malley

    well done xx

  • Joel Baxter

    13 stone isn't much at all

  • TheBullFrogMan

    Great job on the video, taking it off is one thing, keeping it off is a whole new level. Why is that door knob so high?

  • tash mitchell

    Wow! Well done, that's amazing!! I'm reading the book at the moment x

  • Tarif Uddin

    You said that the juicer would be noisy? So I take it you have a centrifugal juicer. I just ordered a slow masticating juicers. I think they retain a much higher content of nutrients but slightly more expensive. Anyways, great video and well done on the weight loss. Remember to exercise otherwise you'll start to have muscle waste. And that's not good. Eat proteins.

  • Arlene D

    This was over over the place !

  • mixterz

    how many juices a day did you take in the 7 days thanks 

  • ronnie63

    You look really amazing x

  • Nicky Mason

    I'm just about to start the 7lb in 7 days and I need to lose a lot of weight, about 6 stone in total eeekkk! I'm curious though, when you were on the plan did you exercise at all? If so was it the bouncing he suggests on the trampete thing? Well done on your weight loss so far xxxx

  • louise mcconnell

    Haha that's brilliant!! Wow we are so similar! Sorry for such a late reply I've not had any chance to come on here recently! Sooo did you try juicing? xxx

  • louise mcconnell

    Thank you! It worked out really well thank you! I lost another 2 stone and feel fantastic! I've had sooo much going on recently I haven't had chance to film anything at all! I left here with just over 900 views and came back to over 10k so I am definitely going to start filming again! Especially how to use the juicer because I have had so many questions about that and how to clean it and all sorts! xxx

  • louise mcconnell

    I'll check it out and Subscribe! Always nice to meet people with similar videos and interests xxx

  • louise mcconnell

    Thank you!! I still drink juice now ( Lemon Ginger Zinger) and it's changed my life! I feel healthier, my skin glows, my eyes are brighter, I don't get as many colds as I used to, it is insane what healthy food can actually do! xxxx

  • louise mcconnell

    I know I was very surprised too but it was in his book! They all went on one of his retreats to Turkey where they drink the juice and do exercise and came back and it was a male man who went straight to KFC!
    I'd have thought that he would've had no appetite! xxx

  • louise mcconnell

    Thank you!! I've been mental busy recently and I've only just had chance to come back on here! It's been 6 months and I only had just over 900 views I've come back and I'm over 10,000! Safe to say I'm ecstatic right now haha!
    That's the same juicer as mine! It's amazing, it really will serve you well!
    Good Luck!! Let me know your results!! xxxxx

  • cacaovanhouten

    Great results. I introduced homemade vegetable soups after the juice fast – I'm amazed at people who would go to KFC immediately, as most people find that they are finally free of sugar cravings, and their own internal appestat guides them to what is natural healthy food and junk food literally tastes like junk!

  • Louise Usher

    0hhh I have a video just like this one on my youtube channel too :O)

  • Jessie Rose

    wow your exactly like me i was 13st 10 and lost nearly a stone 12st just being healthy and fasting working out every day but now im really interested in juiceing and seeing your results im uber excited!!! im also 5ft 4 and when i was going up to a size 16 my friend also didnt beieve i was that size hahahaha so glad im going to get smaller hahha 😀

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