Is Juicing Healthy? Should You Drink Juice? Learn from Experts



  • Mike Boatright

    These guys look way to skinny what their essentially doing is making their body not work very hard which is great for longevity and not much for survival.. For instance dan the juice man in this current state would fall into starvation from lack of caloric intake in about 2 weeks wheres your unhealthy guy who might die of cancer when he's 65 from all the crap he eats,but would survive and thrive with little food for weeks on end. I guess if you just chill on an island all day smoke weed and drink oj then life is gravy.

  • Jessica Torres Munoz

    Love you all 3 <3

  • Michael

    He is SOOOOO hyped lol 😀 All that juice is really working on the guy hahahah

  • Grant Painter

    kristina falling asleep @ 35:32

  • mike 13

    What cost range is a good juicer in?

  • The Fartstarver

    Yeah, I don't understand the juicing stuff…I've heard people say that nature is perfect, and you can't get it to be any better by altering it's original format. But juicing goes against that principle…something about that doesn't make any sense.

  • The Paper Maid

    33 ounces = 1 litre. So for those doing metric, do at least 1 litre.

  • matthew p

    I am 112 lbs and 32 oz fills me up perfectly for 2 hours. 😛 organic is so important… with the chem-trail sprays it's hard though to get the quality you want. I am a big supporter of growing greens hydroponically, and micro greens inside., green house growing is super important too.

  • Roger Mungal

    That's what's up

  • eren mori

    Too bad Loren Lockman against juicing. I agree generally with him but feel the pros greatly outweigh the cons when it comes to juicing a few times of year when cleansing or juice feasting.

  • Anne Fricker

    Ha ha Take a juicer to work! Health and safety would have to PAT test it first! I don't like stored juices but what I do is leave a thermos flask in the fridge overnight to cool it down then I make my juice before work and pop it in the cooled flask and drink it by lunch time.

  • Chad Kirton

    Is it possible to drink too much juice in one serving. Is it safe to drink over 1 liter of juice in one serving. I noticed that Krisitina has large servings in her videos. Is it possible to overdose or hurt your body with too much veggie or fruit juice?

  • strachinaru isabela

    Good advices. I am in my third day of my 60 days feast ( I hope) and I just made a juice out of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot and another two greens…and I barely drank it, it tasted so bad…thanks for advices. I have to be inventive from now on because I really want to finish my "feast"….

  • Jean Bermond


  • Michelle Nite

    Thank for this great video!! <3

  • Huw Gregory

    juicy topic 😀

  • glenneth kenneth

    yo okraw, im very interested in juicing although i am a novice in terms of the topic; for over 7 years i have been eating bad from the usual fast foods to frozen foods, however these days im quite motivated. I have been eating more raw fruits and yogurts, from grapefruits, oranges, grapes, bananas etc but i always feel sluggish, but yet i feel energetic. i think juicing will help quell the time it takes to consume fruits and veggies, im hearing "hurom" models are great for juicing any reccomendations?

  • Dodo

    Hi guys I don't have time to watch right now but did anyone ask about juicing and pesticides? I read that when you juice most of the pesticide content remains with the pulp and a lot less in the juice? Thanks 🙂

  • Ross Anderson

    Thanks, dude, this was incredibly invaluable. Lots of love from Glasgow, Scotland. 😀

  • ChildofThMostHighs 13

    wow kristinas hoooot

  • I Drink Juice

    i drink juice too

  • plantbased paul

    If Kristina had anymore "I am fucking Dan tonite" going on I WILL EAT MY HAT LOL

  • Buddi Baba

    was very sick and without going into the gory details, I had a choice of either being in so much pain that it was difficult to even sleep or just not eat so that my lower intestines were always pretty much vacant. As you may surmise it was bowel problems. So I had the choice to either eat and be in pain almost all the time & not sleep as well or just constantly fast. I chose the ladder for about three months but one cannot go without eating for too long so something needed to happen. So I talked to a friend (Mark Doneddu) and I said "I need to do something quick or else I'll just waste away." After explaining what the problem was, he said, "That's simple just drink a lot of freshly squeezed or compressed organic chlorophyll." I wasted no time I purchased a vegetable juice/compressor and started drinking (about one or two cups) a combination of organic; spinach, coriander, chard, celery, carrot and kale leaves every day. On day three I noticed an improvement and on day ten I was completely healed, so much so that when I went in for a colonoscopy they could not find any problems. I need to add that during the three month period that I was basically either in pain, fasting &/or both everything the 'doctors' gave me did not work or in fact made the situation worse.

  • Topcat

    You can tell by looking at the Fruit and Veges if they are organic…………If i cannot find what I need in organic…………I will check out the non organic produce, for insect bites etc, because Insects will not touch any food with chemicals………

  • Shawn Wright

    I have been doing Paleo and lost about 80 pounds now that I have added a green Juice into my diet I have lost another 10 pounds in the last month. I am loving it.

  • Laz N

    "u re drinking nature's goodness" , the hot girl said it all 'nough said

  • damnthis

    i can get 3 iceberg lettuce heads for a dollar. 2 celery bundles for a buck. 3 large cucumbers for a dollar. a large cantaloupe for 80 cents. a weeks worth of spinach for the bullet for 4 bucks. 10lb bag of carrots for 5 bucks.

  • damnthis

    juice vegetables that have no to low sugar like, celery, cucumber, lettuce, and kale. use whole spinach in the bullet with some water then add it with the vegetable juices mentioned above. that way you get the fiber and the vitamin benefits. the end result should be a beautiful darkish green color. it doesn't taste great but its extremely healthy however if you're a taste junkee, then go head and add in an apple. i don't add fruit because i prefer to eat them but once or twice a week i'll have fruit juice or carrot juice. along with drinking vegetable juice i also eat my veggies in salad form with low fat ranch dressing, steamed,  or stir fried with olive oil. grilled chicken breast, rice, hotsauce and beans as the main dish completes my normal daily diet. i juice like 3-4 times a week and the days i dont juice i take a multi mineral vitamin. i don't recommend taking vitamins and juicing the same day. however in my opinion it's okay to eat veggies and fruits with vitamins.

  • Stella Ilyayev

    This was a really really great video. Wowowow. Great job!

  • Ana Esteves

    Amazing video!! Pretty much all my questions have been answered with this educational and fun video. I am a subscriber on each three of you (okraw, life-generator and Fully Raw Kristina) and right now I'm just trying to get into the habit of juicing.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the less enlightened! Loved it!

  • DEL 1337

    "The universe says this person has high priorities, high ideals, let's give him more money"
    Probably the biggest bullshit I have heard this year, and I read a lot of incredibly stupid stuff. This guy is clouding the good information with his pseudo bro-science.

  • Jonathan Rogers

    thoughts on the magic nutribullet? I bought one a couple days again and have been using it daily.

  • Jose Mediavilla

    Better to just eat fruit the old fashion way.  Juicing equals over-eating.  Often horrible mixing techniques are used that disturbs the stomachs ability to assimilate minerals and other nutrients (trophology).  In my opinion is a gluttonous practice because it satisfies the tongue but gives your stomach a hard time. Especially watermelon should not be mixed with other foods. This fact is well known in the science of food combining for proper digestion. Not all vegetables mix well with fruits and better combinations should be suggested to an uneducated public. When juicing, lets not forget that the friction of the blades turns your raw food into slightly cooked food and kills living enzymes.  Your teeth are the appropriate 'juicers' and if you eat one type of food at a time it is better for your stomach. Saved raw juices become ruined very quickly through oxidation, a lime will not save it for two to three days.  By the third day you are eating rotten food.  Thanks for supporting local farmers that practice organic farming and can not afford certification!  We need that point made more often.  Conventional foods are destroying the Earth and anybody that supports conventional foods are promoting the destruction of the planet.  I hope this message finds you well.  Even 'experts' can be wrong.  Wrong because these practices can cause harm and not benefit people that need better advise from popular icons such as yourselves.  I sense that this whole video may have been a commercial to promote the juicers you sell on your websites, I know you all want to get paid, but doesn't mean that the message your spreading is the right thing to do.

  • MightyMite

    I use my Vita Mix to juice any water-rich fruit of vegetable, and it comes out just fine.  Now with carrots, well, that's a different story (unless you don't mind the grittiness of the carrots).  I normally use my juicer for carrots or beets.
     I made a green juice this morning in my Vita Mix,  using spinach, broccoli, kale, an orange, and a Cara Cara Navel (orange), plus a sprig of basil.  I also added a little water.  It was delicious and very smooth…no sign of pulp – like it juiced!  
    I actually don't mind the fiber or pulp.

  • Sean

    Juicing has cured my diabetes, skin condition, tendonitis, and has changed my mood for the better.

  • s.lena

    I don't know why they are making healthy eating look so black and white. I mean it seems like one must choose between blending or juicing. Likewise, it seems like they are suggesting go vegan or go obese. Eating healthy is not so narrow or hard the trick is not going overboard with any type of diet and maintaining an active as well as healthy habits along with it. It is OK to eat that french fries or burger once in a while because our body needs those calories especially our skin as long as we have our fruits and veggies along with it.

  • Dogan Bee

    I love juicing but i dont know what im doing wrong. Every time i do it, it tastes like grass 🙁 i still drink it for its benefits of course.

  • Pascal Aschwanden

    Your missing out on ALOT of nutrition by leaving behind the Pulp.  Your body needs some fiber anyway.

  • Pascal Aschwanden

    What do you guys have against eating the Pulp?  Just put it all in the blender and drink the whole thing.  You don't need to strain out the fiber.

  • Scot Campbell

    15:06 I was drinking almost 120 ounces (all day) while I was working outside on my job. On relaxed days I drink from 60 to 90 ounces. Green juice (organic and sometimes non-organic and sometimes partially)

  • Scot Campbell

    I am on day 6 of a 14 day juice fast. I've done 26 days, 1, 10 day, and 2 fives over the past 3 years. It feels good…add some daily meditation and I feel calm, relaxed yet vital. Like Dan said juice is "fuel for the blood" Meditation is fuel for the brain. You guys are so wonderful, positive and alive! Inspirational.

  • Joel Cohen

    You guys are very informative! thanx

  • jan pos

    Thanks so much for this video!  Today, was day 5 of our juicing journey (hubby and me).  We are getting recipes from a 30 day juice challenge.  Days 1-4 were delicious!  Today's went down the drain, we just couldn't drink it.  We are excited, though.  I am very ill from Lyme Disease (but greatly improved from what was the worst of it) and am hoping juicing will take away the fatigue and and heal some of the damage, at least (that I was told could not be healed).

  • Raw Living With Bia

    amazing video! thank u for the inspiration. i have been adding more juices to my raw diet and it is helping heal my digestive organs . :)))

  • Vanessa M

    Very informative!
    Thank you

  • John Smith

    I like raw food a lot, though it should just be called "food". 

    I'm mostly very healthy but something I haven't been able to conquer is that I'm doing this for vanity… If I eat any cooked food the next day I look noticeably worse for it. Bizarre.

    Sorry, to share that. Can anyone relate, though? 🙂

  • Tommy Harris

    Talk about overkill…Juicing is not like a blood transfusion!


    Raw foodists:
    I have repeatedly asked countless numbers of you if you know your blood type but have not received "one" single response, so what science can a person go on but hype?


    good info, ive been juicing since january ( new year ) to loose weight and lost  7 pounds. im a manager at Jamba juice and i bought a juicer because i dont plan to stay at JJ. now i juice to replace "a" meal, not aall meals, and eat non gmo, non process food. i dont eat dairy nearly at all and no eggs ( some organic cheeze ) im still learning but its been a great change! only set back now is ive become very anti-FDA and anti-ADA. learning the truth really pisses you off.

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