• Christopher Nyland

    Thanks Lisa I got one of these at yard sale and it was filthy…you tutorial was simple easy to follow and Iiked your demeanor!!


    Can you juice raw beetroot in this juicer?

  • MandyLifeboats007

    Thank you! I got mine second hand with no instructions. God bless!

  • Alicio Nava Urcino

    thanks for the orientation appreciated

  • nattp awsfsfs

    thanks it helped me to open it

  • Pacific NW Native

    it's a blade puller offer thing!! thank you!! thought I was going to break it

  • William Rodriguez

    I need the blade for this ..where can I order it…thanks

  • Kimbendy Potsyanne

    …..but you but you didn't thoroughly clean it at all you partially rent things and let them sit in the sink it is a headache trying to get the poop out of the strainer which you did not show I wish you would have given an honest instruction on how to clean this so that people would know it is not easy and it takes far longer than a minute! SO misleading!!!!

  • Genevieve Words

    Thanks for sharing. I misplaced my manual.?

  • Nori Frasier

    THANK YOU!! It was perfect!!

  • Nancy Cathey

    THANK You!

  • Gary Lizardo

    thanks! didn't know how to use the crescent!

  • Nikky Kuykendall

    Thank you! I didn't have the instructions, this was a big help! The comments about the scissors and the chopsticks working instead of the crescent tool I'll have to try.

  • Mykoe Nieto

    By far, the is the best instructional video out there. Thank you Lisa!

  • kevin pritchett

    just what I needed…thanks!

  • Hakii

    very useful my mum says thankyou


    thank you!

  • Hebony Ali

    Thank you

  • bookguitarguy

    LOL, a video on how to clean the juicer, except you forgot to actually clean it! It only takes a minute to disassemble and put the part in the sink, but at least two or three and a little bit of work to actually clean the filter, etc. Great idea for a video, but would be better if you actually showed us How To Clean it, as you said in the title of your video. What most people probably want to know is, how much scrubbing is involved to clean filter and other parts, prevent stains, etc. Also thinking that for people in a hurry/on their way out the door, soaking parts in a sink full of hot water is a good idea, to make it easier to clean them later when you get home (and less staining of plastic parts).

  • Honestly Delcor

    I received one for my birthday yesterday and had trouble figuring out how to open it. Thanks

  • Jenny Aguilera

    woow thanks a lot for that video, I used a pair of scissors to open it, but u video help me lots, thanks again dear.

  • Andrea Blackstone

    Thank you! Just saved my life! Someone threw away the instructions by mistake, I had no idea how to clean it. Thanks!

  • Devilfish73

    Thanks I didn't have instructions or the crescent tool. I knew I had to be missing something!


    wow thank you Ron didn't know what to do!

  • LeAnne Kelley

    I just got one second hand. it didn't come the orange thingy I'm glad I saw this video

  • sarah padilla

    Thanks a lot for this!!

  • Ron Dupont

    a pair of scizzors replaces the cresent tool, viola

  • Yusuf Hassan

    my juicer has been sitting on the side dirty for about 2 weeks (outta laziness) until I finally decided to watch a cleaning video…thanks Lisa

  • Christopher Anthony

    I just started juicing a week ago and one video made it sound if you don't get all the food particles out of the juicer, I will get food poisoning and drop dead on the second week of juicing. What I was hoping, you would have shown me how you clean the screen. I'm using dish soap, a dish brush, and the sink spray nozzle … but there are still tiny pieces of vegetables lodged in the screen. Am I being a hypercondriac drama queen about these tiny food particles (nervous laugh)??

  • Ataensic Media

    I didnt have the tool I just used some hard chopsticks yurp got the job done… thanks for the vid though

  • Aaron Ryan

    GOD BLESS you JESUS love's you

  • mikey b

    My motor/strainer won't come up after I cleaned the blade

  • Vytautas Poška

    Just run a glass or two of water trough the running juicer and every part will be clean and ready to use again, without any rincing and dangerous rincing of the blade. . . and btw This juicer sucks. . . it has very low revolutions so not all of the juices comes out, the pulp that remains still is pretty wet, I personally gave my JLaLnes to my neighbour, I prefer more Bullet express juicer, because it makes a lot more juice than this thing and it has so much other application, so it's not only the juicer, witch uses more space than a ordinary toaster, it's also a food processor, a blender, a dicer and slicer and a powerfull juicer. Get yourself a bullet express, Don't believe those ads on "how I drunk JLaLanes juicer's made juice and got rid of 30 lbs in a week" It;s impossible! Get yourself a bullet express and enjoy life you never had!

  • vpseritt

    I couldn't believe how easy it really was! thank for posting!

  • Lisa Surles

    Thank you thank you. I haven't use this juicer in years and for how to clean parts of it even forgot the little Orange opener for the metal but you surely made my day with this video. You also kept the video short and direct. Very well.

  • 8888Eastman

    no you suppose to get all your tools in your box

  • Hi.Nix

    Thank you so much for the video! My juicer is from a family friend and did not come with the manual OR the "pulp catcher" so I just tie a grocery bag to it. This was so helpful.

  • Shannelle D.C.

    Thank you so much for this video it was very informative, unfortunately my juicer doesn't come with the blade dismantler, I got mine from a family friend.

  • Dee Rahim

    I'm a guest in this home for now but have permission to use the kitchen as long as i clean up. However, when I saw this juicer I had NO IDEA HOW TO CLEAN IT! Your 2 minutes was the best and I can't thank you enough for making this video! I'm going to have fresh blueberry juice tomorrow morning & the rest of the time I stay here because now I know HOW TO clean this damn juicer!

    And now I can add more veggies and fresh fruits and not have to spend tons of money on buying bottled juices. Sure they're good, but the expen$$$$$e is heavy on the wallet. It's still spring but it's good to have healthy juices all year round.


  • Omar Carrillo

    Thanks for sharing! roommate had it sitting there no manual and missing little tool. -_- Today was my first time using it 🙂  (time to clean it now)

  • Afana Productions

    I can not seem to get the blade out. The top half is loose and it's driving me nuts. Any further thoughts on maybe I am doing something wrong?

  • Travis Alligood

    Thank you Lisa for this tip, made it easier to clean than the direction I was headed.

  • Marijoyce Campbell

    Thank you so much, I just got my juicer from a consignment shop and that part to unscrew it didn't come w/it.  Now I have to order one, can't wait to use my juicer.

  • 53209emerald

    Thank you so much for these directions and for the link to the Orange Crescent Tool!

  • Mike Summers

    Thank you!

  • Patricia C

    Seriously, that was it???  Just rinsing does NOT clean the strainer, the food gets stuck in the tiny holes. 

  • Chella Graves

    Thank you! I'm staying ata friend house and my juicer is different! That little tool was right above the juicer on the window sill. I never in a million would have figured that out! 🙂

  • Aicitel Gemini Adnorf

    The carrot stain is hard to clean on the pusher and inside the receptacle. i did wash it with mild soap but still. i got my power juicer elita last week.

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