• thehitchrules

    Don't waste your money on a fast juicer.
    Save and go for a slow juicer.
    Fast juicers are a a waste of time and false economy.

  • luisa carrillo

    I became a vegan not long ago and I'm looking for a slow juicer do you think the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S is a good one?

  • Diana Alcocer

    What's your opinion of the Kevin's juicer?

  • Hell Avila

    How can I know if is fast or slow juicer? Thanks

  • youmedisa

    Hi, I'm a total novice but I dream of having a juicer since a long time after having tasted an excellent juice recipe made from beets and ginger Miaaam!
    So my question is what should I buy not to be disappointed?
    I looked at your video and have read your comments they are btw very helpful but as I'm not sure if I'm going to like it (mainly the cleansing of the machine) it maybe doesn't worth an investmemt of more than 500$
    But in another hand I'd like to have a machine that works fine and gives good results so maybe better invest a bit more from the beginning?
    Please would you tell me what do you think about the Moulinex infiny press? Would it be a good starting point to enter the world of the juicers?
    Thx so much! Long life to your posts!!

  • Nadia Hadri

    hi! i love ur videos but i do not co,ment much… but i have question

    u said by heat of centrifugal juicers n nutrients n enzymes destroyed… but then u said if qe start we should go for this one bc we will start juice n feel great… well from what we will feel great if the nutrients got destroyed? 🙁 im confused now @rawvana

  • Pure Essence Beauty 215

    I have the Breville..

  • bom boom

    You ve lost weight. Can u make a video bout that plz

  • Lovely Dove

    I love the juicers, right now, I'm working on the vitamix and then one of the juicer, probably the breville, because it fast, but soon for that one. Thank you for sharing

  • OfficiallyGirly

    +rawvana I was about to buy the Hamilton Beach 67601 Big Mouth Juice Extractor but is it any good? If you could maybe give me advice on a more affordable juicer (I'm 17) that would be amazing thank you!

  • JR Florida

    How does a fast juicer "burn up all of the healthy benefits" of juice? That simply makes no sense… 

  • coco latte

     You mentioned that with the fast juicer, a lot of the nutrients and enzimes are lost because of the heat. I want to start juicing because I watched your anti-cancer juice video and want to incorporate it into my lifestyle. Would the fast juicer work for this type of juice, or would the enzimes, antioxidants and nutrients be lost? 

    This is really important to me since I have a very high predisposition to cancer, and my mom was recently diagnosed. Gracias!<3

    +Rawvana +Rawvana English 

  • lagatitabruja

    I have an omega 8006 the slow juicing kind but I don't mind the wait, it is meditative! It also does wheatgrass and peanut butter like the Samson except its metal so it will probably hold up longer! And it has like a 15 year warranty! I love it! I use it all the time, only slight downside is you have to spend more time chopping because the tube you feed it through is narrow. Otherwise I would 100% recommend it and I juice 3-5 times a week!

  • Sam T

    You should definitely make a video for ppl on a budget for produce etc ! This kind of diet is expecially hard for me I'm lean and over 220 lbs I eat alot lol ! Awesome vid thanks

  • Cheryl Garcia

    I started out with a Jack LaLanne that I used for several years. It's a great starter juicer that is fast like the Breville. Then when I got more serious about this lifestyle I got an Samson as well for the wheatgrass and then an Omega Vert 350. Both are excellent and each has it's pros and cons. I also invested in a Norwalk Juicer which I feel makes the absolute best most nutritious juice of all but it does take longer to do so but you can store the juice up to 2 weeks in the fridge. The omega in my opinion is the next best juicer to the Norwalk and very easy to clean!

  • Little vegan hippie

    I have the Hurom, which is almost identical to the Omega. I absolutely love it. To get the most juice out though, I recommend rotating your fruit/veg while juicing. For example, if you are juicing kale and grapes, juice some grapes first, then some kale, then some grapes, etc. This will get the most extraction from the slow juicers. 

  • RonPaulgirls

    what an extremely nice person. i have an omega 8006 the silver one and some others. i'm not into juicing and blending everyday, i think its better to mix it up where some days you're eating the foods whole and then other days maybe you're blending and juicing them.

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