Big Boss Juicer vs Breville Comparison Review



  • lashaa Wiley

    dang either is quite huh….

  • Sasha Belle

    saying you have a little more juice from one did you weigh your carrots and make sure you were putting the same amount in ?? cause uneven weight could be the difference

  • brettcone

    Juicing is a good idea if you don't like pulp but honestly it's better if you just eat whole fruits and vegetables or blend them and make a shake. The fiber that you get that is lost in juicing is essential to a healthy body.

  • Scott MacPhee

    Thanks man!

  • TheKuldip604

    awesome review !! thank you

  • canadian01978

    I think all centrifuge juicers juice about the same.

  • truksrok

    Thanks for your review. It helps a lot.

  • Just2easy

    Walmart bis boss on sale $39.98 i just bought two and will be start using it soon 🙂

    One for myself and one for girlfriend.

  • Basudev Ganesh

    Update! Have you thought about – Azon Deal Buddy (just look it up on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my father saved tons of money with it. They used that small gold box, that is located on the website, to find a 90% discount on a stroller. You may be able to find an unbelievable juicer at a great price. 

  • Mohawk Iroquoi

    Thanks Derrick for your review 👍

  • Monika Tomek

    Great video. Now I have made up my mind on which one to buy. Thanks

  • FuzzballToday

    You Rock! Thanks for the video

  • la vie en vegan

    Thanks for doing this video! Liked how you showed the comparison of volumes. I took a chance and picked one up at my local Canadian Tire after going there to check out the Breville(150$ difference so that was definitely a factor). Took a look at some reviews real quick and decided to buy the Big Boss. I was working with a really cheap Juice Master I had picked up at a thrift shop over a year ago and seriously needed an upgrade as I plan on juicing more frequently and for my kids as well.

  • pebbers77

    Ive had both of these juicers. Big Boss was first, and your right it didnt last very long. It was good for the first month, but over time the juice yield was less and less. The breville is a much better juicer. Had it for over a year with constant use and its as good as the day i bought it. 

  • Victoria McG

    Thanks so much for posting this i have been wanting to juice as well

  • Abu Yiesir

    excellent review….thx for doing it…

  • BIG_MAMA_808

    well this has helped me ALOT in my decision, I will for now invest in the big boss juicer, I'm a diabetic and recovering heart attack patient and I've heard alot about juicing for better health thank you and Mahalo for such a good review

  • Natasha Vancol

    Awesome review!  You were a God sent!!

  • AeroMECH808

    Awesome review, appreciate it!

  • KutzThundercat

    Thank you, I'm getting the Boss for Xmas.

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