All About My Diet: Juicing



  • kingniko1

    oh this is THIS kind of juicing…

  • Lisa Tucker

    Good video

  • ellebeelb1

    I have the exact same juicer and I never thought to use just the low speed.  I have noticed that high for some things leaves a lot of juice behind.  I will try just low.  I also "juice" a little water at the end.  Thanks for sharing.

  • AB

    I only juice once a week coz it takes forever to clean up the machine and you cant store the juice for more than 2 days 🙁

  • LisaMarie DuHaime

    Yummy!! Great video 🙂 I can't live without kale!!

  • Justin Ramautar

    I love juicing but hate the cleaning ,..but its worth it, the benefits are amazing.

  • Ace Roman

    Brenda miller needs to chill and make her own video

  • Brittany Powell

    Your juice looks so refreshing! I need to start juicing again, you've inspired me. I LOVE KALE!!! Do you juice daily?

  • Brenda Miller

    I am sorry, I'm not sure you understand. There are different types of juicing. That's why there are different types of juicers. Your comment was maybe you will try some pulp next time. You would have to buy a different type of juicer. You don't just add some pulp. Please research further. Vitamixer is a great juicer that also allows you more flexibility. Please do your research so the people who watch your videos will get the full benefits of juicing.

  • Natalie Corona

    Im going to try blending, I have a little bullet blender but havent used it for fruits and veggies! Thank you for watching!

  • Natalie Corona

    Iv heard great things about the green smoothie! thank you for
    watching! xoxo

  • Natalie Corona

    Awe thank you so much! Im so sorry the video cut out in the middle! Im uploading another juicing video this week! Thank you for watching! xo

  • Natalie Corona

    Thank you so much for this comment! Im going to try some juice with the pulp next time. Thank you for watching!

  • TheMushroomTwins

    Do you ever just blend? I have a nutribullet and love using that.. But I should do it more often

  • Brenda Miller

    You should read the importance of the pulp that you aren't drinking. Yes juicing with or without the pulp is good for you. However you are missing out on a lot of the nutrients when you don't have the right juicer. Instead of throwing away all of the pulp. Drink it and really see what the difference is in your health, energy, weight etc.. Please take the time to read the difference between pulp or no pulp .

  • amy sperko

    You have such a beautiful glow to you!
    Very good and informative video

  • Emely Amaya do you juice the Kale?

  • Sean Williams

    great video thank u for shoeing this always like all u make

  • stephanie hamel

    Love your videos 😉 !

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