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Raw Juices Can Save Your Life: An A-Z Guide to Juicing.

Promoting the health benefits of raw juice ingestion, this informative manual illustrates the powerful healing and rejuvenating properties of the essence of fruits and vegetables. Highlighting that raw juices are both easily digested and designed for maximum absorption, this collection of recipes and remedies can benefit and relieve illnesses such as poor appetite, nausea, digestive issues, inflamed stomach or intestines, cancer, immune dysfunction, liver problems, and chronic fatigue. With comparisons to modern-day medicines as treatment for symptoms of disease, and countering with the many benefits of a […]

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Revolutionize Your Eating Habits In One Day

Do you feel completely in touch with your hunger? Do you know exactly when you’re hungry? Or when you stop being hungry? And what to do with that info? This article is about an exercise for getting in touch with your hunger. Why Is That Important? Let’s cut to the chase. Every client who has completed this exercise ends up feeling absolutely clear about when she’s hungry and when she’s not, feeling completely in control of her appetite and her eating – and feeling great about herself. […]

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The Juicing Bible: The Essential Guide To Detox, Juicer Reviews & Rapid Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight? Have you ever heard about the juicing process? Let me tell you why I wrote this book. Everyone hears all about these juicer ads but they don’t get the straight and fair answer about how it all works. I want you to take the step to introduce yourself to a great new world of juicing. In this book I go through the process of explaining what juicing is and why it will be helpful to you. This book is quick […]

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Bleeding Piles? How to Stop Your Piles Bleeding

It is very uncomfortable condition, and painful, although sometimes piles may bleed without any painful symptoms. Occasionally piles can disappear by themselves, the best way to prevent piles bleeding are to cure the piles itself. Finding out what causes them can prevent you from getting bleeding piles. There are a lot of ways you can develop piles, some of the known causes of piles are. The walls and valves of the rectal veins become weak. Constipation Pregnancy, increased blood volume and straining. Placing too much pressure on […]

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