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Juicing: Recipes – 101 Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss, Detox And Overall Health

Juicing Recipe Book Updated & Revised 101 Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss, Detox and Overall Health is a compilation of fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipes for people who want to effectively improve their health and loss weight. Anytime a person can increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet your overall health will improve. It can be difficult to eat the recommended number of fruits and vegetables a day and juicing makes that headache disappear. Losing Weight With Juicing Recipes There is an important […]

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Feeding Teens – Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Their Nutritional Needs

I thought my days of feeding teens were over. But after my daughter and former son-in-law died in separate car crashes in 2007 I became a GRG — grandparent raising grandchildren. Suddenly I was cooking for teens again. It was a hard adjustment and the first thing I had to do was cook more food. Every other day I go to the grocery store. I am there so often that many staff members know my name. My goal is to feed my grandkids delicious, nutritious and balanced […]

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365 Days of Healthy Drinks: (Fruit Infused Water, Ice Tea, Smoothies, Green Smoothie, Detox, Cleanse , Juicing, Weight Loss, Juicing Book, Juicing for Health, , Juicing for Beginners)

Do you want to make healthy drinks for your family on a daily basis? Whether you are an enthusiast or you are new to juicing, you are aware of the fact that we need fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. According to many types of research, we should eat three to four vegetables and two fruits a day. The rule is simple: Choose fruits and vegetables in different colors! Therefore, you are fully aware that you should find a way to get more natural food into […]

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5 Unhealthy Diet Foods That Can Make You Gain Weight

Eating healthy and finally deciding to take charge of your health and fitness is a great step in achieving the fountain of youth and quality of life! It’s a fact! People who are fitter and healthier are happier! A quality diet is essential for good health, but as s novice jumping into this so-called healthy food world, you can easily be fooled. Just jumping into the world of “diet” food conjures up feelings and thoughts of negativity. My mother use to think that whenever she had to […]

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