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Fruit Infused Water: The Ultimate Fruit Infused Water Book: 48 Vitamin Bottle Recipes For Weight Loss, Detox, Liver Cleanse, & Skin (Fruit Infused Water, Juicing Recipes, Rapid Weight Loss)

★★★NEW RELEASE!!★★★ FREE BONUS + Lifetime Mailing List Subscription Other Books In This Series “The Ultimate Juicing Recipe Book” & “The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe Book” Looking For Delicious & Healthy Fruit Infused Water Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss ? Then Download This High Quality Book Now For Free On Kindle For a Limited Time Only ! This book contains a proven step that will help you to improve your health with effective weight loss, a complete detoxification cycle, a liver cleanse and gleaming skin by making an […]

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Protein Needs and Senile Dementia

In addition to Alzheimer’s disease, the most serious and the most common of the progressive dementias, there are a number of other diseases that may cause senile dementia, or in layman’s terms, confusion that is beyond the normal for aging adults. While it is common for some minor confusion or memory problems to develop in older adults, senile dementia goes beyond what is considered to be normal. Four to five percent of Americans of both genders, over the age of 65 have some degree of mental and […]

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Juicing for Health: 81 Juicing Recipes and 76 Ingredients Proven to Improve Health and Vitality

Achieve your best health with the amazing benefits of a juicing diet. Learn how to add fresh, vitamin-packed juices to your daily routine with Juicing for Health. Juicing is one of the healthiest ways to consume your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals. Juicing for Health will show you how to incorporate fresh juices into your diet for immediate positive results. With 81 antioxidant-rich juicing recipes that maximize the healing benefits of fruits and vegetables, Juicing for Health will help you prevent illness, fight disease, and […]

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Splenda – The Medical Research & a Self-Test to See If You Have a Splenda Sensitivity

Splenda is a zero calorie sugar alternative in those little yellow packets that’s been manufactured since the 1990s. Splenda is made from a chemical process that is created from the chlorination of normal sugar. Splenda is a sugar that has been chemically adapted. Splenda has enjoyed a great rise in popularity, and many dieters and diabetics find it has less of an aftertaste than any other artificial sweetener. Between 2000 and 2004, the number of US households using Splenda jumped from 3 to 20 percent. Splenda sales […]

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